Acne Diet Tips For Clear And Healthy Skin

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  1. TinyTiff12 Avatar

    I have acne on my face, shoulders, chest and back and it’s fucking annoying because I’m awkward enough as it is already. Jackets are my bestfriend going out :C

  2. SOFIA nav Avatar
    SOFIA nav

    That happen to me to, I been having acne for a year now(been vegan for a year and a half), increasing fat and protein seems to help, and eating lots of kale 🙂

  3. Aliyah Macintyre Avatar
    Aliyah Macintyre

    The information was good but omg her voice is so boring

  4. kitramsey5150 Avatar

    im on my last leg. day 3 of eating only fruits and vegetables and my acne is just as bad if not worse at 24 then it was as a teen. every single aspect of my life has been affected by acne. ive literally lost friendships because i dont go out anymore

  5. Katie Stewart Avatar
    Katie Stewart

    I’ve been eating plant based since Sept. of last year. My acne has slowly worsened over the year. It is so frustrating because I do eat so healthy. I finally caved and went to derm and he prescribed a topical and antibiotic. Don’t want to take any pills so I will continue cutting things out of my diet and controlling stress and see if that helps.

  6. raziel1687 Avatar

    Cutting out all carbs and sugar seems to be what helped me, no bread, no pasta, no juice, no milk, etc. Just meat, vegetables, rice, water, and sometimes club soda with lemon and green tea. And also a honey aspirin scrub, it makes your skin feel SOOOOOOOO soft, and it’s a good anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation agent.

  7. MrAirshot Avatar

    ribeca linares

  8. SOFIA nav Avatar
    SOFIA nav

    Cut Evil Dairy!

  9. Darcey McKinney Avatar
    Darcey McKinney

    You remind me of Ellen Page, and good info grl!

  10. cowgirlsarefly Avatar

    Any tips for a green smoothy detox? Im intrested in doing one but Im not sure how! Thanks 🙂

  11. Catherine Willis Avatar
    Catherine Willis

    Your smile is absolutely gorgeous.

  12. MsHope916 Avatar

    I was wondering how is your diet different than the “Clear Skin diet” and do you have a book I can get? I also heard that eating too much fruits or drinking concentrated fruit drinks even the one with no sugar added can spike up your blood sugar and some how cause acne. What is your opinion on this? Thanks.

  13. xXxmissysunshinexXx Avatar

    would you recommed eating those bitter foods raw or cooked?

  14. Synergy11891 Avatar

    I found out (by process of elimination) that soy breaks me out like crazy..talking about that nasty cystic kind. It’s a bummer because I really love tempeh

  15. 0905EM Avatar

    Cleansing out your liver???

  16. Trish Eilers Avatar
    Trish Eilers

    My skin and allergies cleared up when I gave up dairy :0)

  17. VitaminCmonster Avatar

    From the nose up you look like Bridgit Mendler.

  18. Trish Eilers Avatar
    Trish Eilers

    What are you washing your face with. A good diet helps with acne, but it also makes a difference what you are putting on your face from the outside. I’m a certified skin care analyst with over 10 years of experience and continued training. You may need to start using a 3 step system to clear up the acne. Whatever you do, do not wash your face with bar soap. It will only dry you out and cause more acne.

  19. virginialee16 Avatar

    That happen to all of us, don’t worry

  20. MiSs00701 Avatar

    Thank you for the wonderful tips. 

  21. Almir Beslija Avatar
    Almir Beslija

    iv stopped using my proteinshake for about 2 weeks not but it´s still getting worse , i don´t gett it , i´m in a very good shape , i have always had a strict diet 40 % meat 30% vegatables , 30 %, carbs, i almost never eat fast food and iv always had good skin , but the last 2 weeks iv got so much acne i didn´t think it was possible to get pimples this fast , so i started drinking alot of water, using acne creams , eating alot of vitamine C, it´s not working ! help

  22. Almir Beslija Avatar
    Almir Beslija

    i don´t get i have acne , iv never had it in my life , now that i´m 17 am getting a lot of them , could you get them from eating to much protein or somthing ? from stuff like proteinshakes ?

  23. 91pinklipstick Avatar

    Thanks for yur awesome tips and your awesome channel.

  24. Jessie Goodman Avatar
    Jessie Goodman

    i think i have a slight addiction to celery 😛 since i became vegan i was able to stop using that horrible overpriced acne brand proactiv, i still use there green tea moisturiser but i love my new diet 🙂 thanks healthyvegan you have helped me be able to make a lot more interesting meals and that’s helpful to a 19 year old! 🙂 would you be able to to a video on breakfasts? i find it hard to find something healthy, nutritious and fast for the morning, also one on healthy smoothies for summer 🙂

  25. Jordonification Avatar

    Raw fruits and veggies, 80/10/10 style 🙂

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