Anti-Aging Beauty Foods [Anti Aging] Aging Anti-Aging pca skin phaze 13 pigment gel health benefits of wild food best eye cream for over 50 top ten anti wr… Today’s question is whether or not honey is a healthy food as well as if honey is good for weight loss. In my opinio…
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  1. Gilda Rahmawati Avatar
    Gilda Rahmawati

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  2. TONYLOUIS100 Avatar

    I’ve eaten 10 bananas and am now drinking boiled ginger root because I got a flu

  3. pupspepper Avatar

    fruit is our best food!!!
    full story
    learn it
    get it
    live it

  4. Myles Adams Avatar
    Myles Adams

    box or boxes of dates FTW win great calorie source too 🙂 i love the apparent superfood rawfood gimmick products you meantioned there all quite hilarious really lol

  5. RealRawResults Avatar

    Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    So it’s kind of like growing fruit: some farms do it in a way that is barely sustainable while others use permaculture principles, organic, etc. etc.

    Some people make the same point for eggs too. You’re not directly harming the animal, but ultimately I think it comes down to a matter of principle personally. The honey is for the bees, eggs for the chickens, etc. 🙂

  6. jillr0 Avatar

    im sorry im a bee keeper and i dont do that at alllllll . i dont feed my bees sugar . and bees make much more than they will eat . they always leave lots . some keepers take it all but i do not and most local beekeepers dont do that either. and when you smoke them you only puff a little to mask the attack pheromones so they dont wanna sting you or three puffs if they died every time a keeper went into the hive once a week they would all b dead i like you but this isnt an accurate statement

  7. RealRawResults Avatar

    Just for you bro. 🙂

  8. RealRawResults Avatar

    Hehe I should have elaborated more on that topic. I was suggesting that it wasn’t the best for avoiding fat gain because of it’s refined nature. This causes an excess stress on the body and liver and is much more likely to be stored as fat vs. fiber-bound whole fruits. Refined sugars aren’t near as fattening as some will have you believe, but they aren’t the best either.

    I’d agree with you, I’d avoid the honey due to the excess acidity. Cheers man, thanks! 🙂

  9. 94Glover Avatar


  10. briteblossom Avatar

    Awesome info. Thanks!

  11. USA4thewin Avatar

    I like Dates .. and Date Juices 

  12. Helenelalala Avatar

    the bees make it for themselves to eat from. What would they eat if we steal it from them? What energy would they have without enough honey and who would pollinate our trees without bees with energy to do so? Bees should not be given corn syrup sugar instead of their honey.

  13. Tamy Gp Avatar
    Tamy Gp

    Awesome, thank you!!

  14. Danny Kirsch Avatar
    Danny Kirsch

    Good video as always Chris but ethics aside just to answer the person who posed the question, is honey fattening? I don’t think it is fattening at all as it has zero fat. Same goes with refined Caine sugar. So question 2 would be which is the least healthy? Honey perhaps due to the acidity? Keep up the good work Chris 🙂

  15. AdamantFireheart Avatar

    The quality of the honey depends on the way the bees are raised.In my backward country bees roam free and our honey is great.It is used to cure many diseases when used in small amounts along with cinnamon.Another great thing is bee polen.It is actually the polen of the flowers gathered into miniature balls , so it`s 100% vegan 😀 , and it does wonders for your health.

  16. Jabberwock87 Avatar

    Honey is for bees to eat, cow’s milk is for calves, carcass is for hyenas and vultures and fruit and veggies are for humans. Pigs, bears, racoons and rats are omnivores, humans are not. “To say that humans have the anatomical structure of an omnivore is an egregiously inaccurate statement. Man’s structure, internal and external compared with that of the other animals, shows that fruit and succulent vegetables are his natural food.” – Carolus Linnaeus, father of taxonomy, taught at school…

  17. RealRawResults Avatar

    Not all, but most of it. Pretty gross, eh?? Bone char, AKA “natural carbon”.

  18. RealRawResults Avatar

    Yes, I do a few things different: I put on long pants vs. shorts and eat more calories from fruit. The more calories is really important as it’s needed to ramp up your metabolism and replace the energy you are outputting to stay warm. Raw in the winter is EASY if you do it right! Some people drink some warm teas in the winter too, and I enjoy them on occasion. I covered this in a video in the past and will be doing another soon. 🙂

  19. RealRawResults Avatar

    In my opinion the abundance of fruit and vegetables the Earth gives us are the true gifts! 😀

    If the bees personally delivered me a jar of honey then it would make sense, but otherwise I think the honey is really the bee’s. :

  20. Jaynagurl1 Avatar

    Hmm, I didn’t know that’s what they do with them…something to think about…

  21. mrtnrlz Avatar

    Does not matter, honey-> bees like  milk->calf. Honey is a gift from bees to bees. peace.

  22. Jaynagurl1 Avatar

    I like honey once in a while in small amounts in those raw doughnut holes. I respect the incredible healing properties, etc. but yeah, not all the time 🙂

  23. Aubrey Johnson Avatar
    Aubrey Johnson

    yes it is… they store nectar in their stomachs then puke it back up when they get to the hive

  24. 1imesub Avatar

    You DO realize that bees often get their little legs torn off when you steal their honey?

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