Atkins Diet Recipes: Buffalo Wings (IF)

These wings are some of the best reasons to go on the Atkins Diet. They are completely legal for all phases of the diet and absolutely delicious. The Diet Co…






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  1. bowulf Avatar

    They are 0g in carbs per serving. There may be .25g from the Buffalo sauce and soy sauce, but it would be negligible if any.

  2. lora gardner Avatar
    lora gardner

    Hey Kent,
    what is the carb count on the wings?

  3. bowulf Avatar

    Just Frank’s and butter does not make for an interesting video, but also this recipe is better than that one. I don’t always go through the work of these, but this one creates a rich sauce that is a lot better than the original wings sauce.

  4. paisteboy Avatar

    Nice job, keep up the great vids and I’m sure it tastes good, but why does everyone have to add sugar or fake sugar to everything. The original Buffalo wings were deep fried and then just put in a bath of Franks Red hot and melted butter, shaken and served. That’s it. No sugar, no diet coke. I made Baffalo wings ealier this week with just wings, Franks Red Hot and butter. For hotter wings add cayenne pepper. Yum & really low carb without the fuss.

  5. vanash4 Avatar

    Hint…there’s a reason ingredients are pre-measured on cooking shows. It speeds things up.

  6. bowulf Avatar

    Here’s a couple more options in terms of colas that would be acceptable:
    Diet Rite
    Or any diet cola not sweetened with aspartame, which breaks down with heat.

    An final alternative would be to add some additional water, 2 tbsp LC Ketchup, and perhaps a bit of liquid smoke. The taste would definitely not be the same, but I am looking to make a rich buffalo sauce to coat the wings.

  7. Ana Vanelderen Avatar
    Ana Vanelderen

    Can you replace the diet coke with splenda with something else?? I live in Europe and in here you cant find pepsi one( not yet on the market i guess) or coke with splenda…

  8. bowulf Avatar

    However the best way would be to let it reduce by simmering it for 10-20 minutes on the stove near boiling.

  9. bowulf Avatar

    1/4 tsp to start,and then add another 1/4 tsp if it still is not thick enough in 60 seconds.

  10. Thxlbx Avatar

    Tried the recipe and really liked it. However, the sauce seems to be a bit thin. I noticed you mentioned Xanthan Gum to thicken it up. How much Xanthan Gum would you recommend? Thanks!

  11. nadiah lwais Avatar
    nadiah lwais

    I want some

  12. ComoLaFlor1234 Avatar

    Ooh thank you!! I live in the nyc area and I haven’t seen it in a really long time, but pepsi one is definitely available. I will be trying this recipe tonight.

  13. bowulf Avatar

    It’s not as common as it once was, but it’s still in my grocery stores. If you can’t find that brand, Pepsi One or Diet Rite are also made with Splenda too.

  14. ComoLaFlor1234 Avatar

    How can you make this recipe if you can’t find Diet Coke with Splenda?? I was told is was discontinued a few years ago 🙁

  15. Sumon Khan Avatar
    Sumon Khan

    Hi, have you tried out “Belly Fat Quencher” (google it)? There you will find a beneficial free video. It made it possible for Felipe to get rid of his tummy fat. It might work for you as well…

  16. bowulf Avatar

    Yes, many of the later ones can be found at atkindsdietgeek(.)com. I also have a cookbook called Low Carbing Among Friends, volume 1 and soon volume 3, where you can find these recipes in book form too.

  17. Yandelito07 Avatar

    Do u have a site where u just have the recipies written down instead of watching the whole video. Ur great but sometimes im just in a hurry n dont have time to watch the whole video. Thanks

  18. bowulf Avatar

    Here’s a helpful hint to try if you don’t get a fryer soon. A grease screen (essentially a large flat wire screen) will prevent most of the mess. Another thought would be to use a large stock pot, covered with a lid. That is what I used with a candy thermometer for my first year on the diet.

    Love the story — sorry about the mess. 😀

  19. HappyGal126 Avatar

    Awesome recipe! I’m becoming quite the chef thanks to you.. Makes for one happy hubby! I didn’t have a deep fryer so I used cn oil in pan… Holy oily kitchen we were slipping everywhere. I’m going to invest in a fryer rather than clean that mess up again! Lol

  20. bowulf Avatar

    I think when they say a recipe is unhealthy they think this is only thing you eat. As with any entree, this is only the highlight of the meal. It is usually accompanied by a vegetable side like a steak would be. In that case, this is no less healthy than a steak or hamburger. I don’t say this necessarily as a reply, but to the critics of this recipe.

    Congrats on your weight loss success! I think you’ll be surprised at how healthy you’ll become at the end of the diet too.

  21. KaulitzEyes Avatar

    I think many people are confused with the whole health thing… Of course this isn’t the most “healthiest” recipe ever, but it’s mainly for WEIGHT LOSS and following the atkins diet. I’m pretty sure no matter how unhealthy this might seem, its 10 x better then the foods u eat out and much better then getting fat. I just started this diet, and in 3 days, I lost 3 pounds. So, I’m not complaining about the health factor for now! Now I have a chance to indulge in some low carb goods 😉

  22. LilGK23 Avatar

    Thanks! btw I had no idea Diet Coke with Splenda was Atkins friendly. Today I learned =)

  23. bowulf Avatar

    I wouldn’t use it especially on Induction. The original one is completely legal, but adding HFCS seems pointless. If you want the original thicker, simply add xanthan gum yourself.

  24. LilGK23 Avatar

    What about Frank’s Thick Hot Sauce? It has 1g Sugar and High fructose corn syrup. Will that slow down my Induction?

  25. minja dasic Avatar
    minja dasic

    Have you heard about Atomic Fat Loss? (Go google it) It is a quick way for you to lose weight fast.

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