Before and After Gastric Sleeve Weight loss Journey (Lapband Revision)

I had the lapband revised to the Gastric Sleeve, Lost 93 pounds from my heaviest weight and I am currently 35 pounds away from reaching my goal weight of 160…






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  1. Dimuth Rajanayake Avatar
    Dimuth Rajanayake

    Have you tried Atomic Fat Loss? (do a google search for it) It is a quick way for you to burn up fat fast.

  2. Fabiola Apollon Avatar
    Fabiola Apollon

    Aww thank you…Best advice is to eat foods that are rich in protein (Consume 60-80g of protein per day) drink protein shakes after working out…Do strength training and cardio…Drink alot of water, attend weight loss support groups, meet with a nutrionist and see your doctor…Do you have insurance? If so, your insurance may be able to cover your procedure..The gastric sleeve is a great tool and I could not have accomplished so much without it..Dr.Buchin is an excellent Dr if u live in NY

  3. Jo-Ann Reid Avatar
    Jo-Ann Reid

    you had me in tears , you are really inspiring , could you please give me some advice ? I cannot afford the op(I think) and also don’t know where to get it?

  4. REEKA556 Avatar


  5. Malez Soun Avatar
    Malez Soun

    fèlicitation fabiola que tu es belle,je voulais savoir quel ètait ton poids de dèpart????

  6. Fabiola Apollon Avatar
    Fabiola Apollon

    Try to get all of your protein in and drink a lot of water. Even if you have an appetite, stick to dense protein…I know it will be boring at times but soon enough you will be able to introduce carbs. 10 pounds is great, its better than nothing at all…Don’t forget to do strength training and cardio. You will do good if you take it 1 day at a time. 2-3 pounds per week is good…10 pounds a month should be your goal…Good luck and be patient..You will do great

  7. Heather McCall Avatar
    Heather McCall

    10 pounds is a lot…you need to be patient it is not even a month since your surgery. watch the utube videos about the gastric band and have to give your body time to adjust..I am about to have this proceedure end of march…stick with takes years to put it on and you will lose it…but love and nurture yourself and be patient you will get there

  8. Steffe Scott Avatar
    Steffe Scott

    I don’t have Facebook, but I wanted your advice if you have the time. I just had the Gastric Sleeve February 12, 2013. i haven’t lost much since surgery 10lbs and iIalready feel discourage. i still have an appetite what can or should I do? if you have any advise can you give me some advice Thanks

  9. Sarah Shoff Avatar
    Sarah Shoff

    I’m on the track for the gastric sleeve as well. I wanted to wish you the best for your upcoming surgery!

  10. Ro Roch Avatar
    Ro Roch

    Beautiful, congratulations!

  11. Fabiola Apollon Avatar
    Fabiola Apollon

    Aww thanks Im glad you were inspired, good luck to you on your journey I’m excited for you!

  12. Fabiola Apollon Avatar
    Fabiola Apollon

    lol yes most likely facebook and thanks!


    I’m going through my 6 months now.

  14. SyMoane75 Avatar

    You are so beautiful! I can’t wait to get there myself.

  15. laideejae83 Avatar

    I was almost in tears watching your video!!! Truly inspired me!
    I will be having my Gastric Sleeve Surgery on March 18th, and I am truly excited and looking forward to this new chapter in my life! I commend you for making this slide show because it’s truly touching especially for women like me! THANK YOU!!!

  16. GetFitAsh Avatar

    hey! i’ve saw you before somewhere lol idk if it was on a fb weight loss page but you look fantastic and congrats on almost being at goal diva

  17. Fabiola Apollon Avatar
    Fabiola Apollon

    yes thats exactly why I couldnt stand the lap band! Impossible to eat protein unless you get an unfill…once u get an unfill, you forget that you have the band lol…pointless…goodluck on your revision!

  18. kdharrisful Avatar

    I am going through the same thing. I can’t eat beef at all or any meat without it being drenched in sauce with out vomitting.

  19. kdharrisful Avatar

    Omg, this is beautiful. I currently have the lapband and my revision surgery for VSG is March 22, 2013. You look great.

  20. Fabiola Apollon Avatar
    Fabiola Apollon

    Thank u all! & Goodluck on your weightloss journey 🙂

  21. Dino Walker Avatar
    Dino Walker

    you are so pretty inside and out you have open up to so many ppl i am your friend on facebook lisa walker had gbp on 2-7-13 down 21 pounds

  22. CYRINTHIA212 Avatar

    i had VSG on the 19th…what a blessing to have a second change at living life to the fullest..good blessings on your journey..

  23. Kristi Shuster Avatar
    Kristi Shuster

    I was sleeved in April of 2012 and have lost 95 pounds. Best decision I have ever made!! I started at 320 and my goal weight is 175 but woud LOVE to get to160. We’ll see what happens! My aunt also had the revision you had for the same reasons. She is doing great too.

  24. Tekemp30 Avatar

    Wow you look great. You looked great before also. I got sleeved in December. Best decision of my life. Good luck to you and keep it up.

  25. pingwn33 Avatar

    trying to decide between band or sleeve…and worried about the skin afterwards…you video makes me lean towards the sleeve more…thanks

  26. tee Avatar

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