Before and After Pics 80 Day Weight Loss Transformation – Motivational

It’s been a long road to slim but this is just the beginning. I have lost almost 50 pounds so far in about 80 days. A lot of sweat and painful workouts with …






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  1. Jim Hendrix Avatar
    Jim Hendrix

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    laxmi bahadur manandhar

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    Alicia Mackie

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    Madhukar sunuwar

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  7. Lisa Hanna Avatar
    Lisa Hanna

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  8. mario santiago Avatar
    mario santiago

    Hehe! Showed the newspaper to demosyrate you are not lieing just awsome

  9. Michael Robbins Avatar
    Michael Robbins

    Good shit man! I’ve been second guessing myself because I’ve been doing about equal part cardio, and equal parts weight lifting. My question for you is if you’ve been doing any kind of pre/post workout whey protein (or what supplementing has worked for you?)

  10. Neil Armstrong Avatar
    Neil Armstrong

    I worked with a guy that lost a 100 pounds. He claimed could pull the skin on his sides out tight like a flying squirrel and glide short distances. But when he tried to show us his new skill at work he ended up falling over 20 stories to his death.

  11. kvcy2009 Avatar

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  12. LoveAndButterflies7 Avatar

    An inspiration :o) I just started a week ago….. How you doing now?

  13. serdan26 Avatar

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  14. Radu Alexandrescu Avatar
    Radu Alexandrescu

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  15. Chandara Dahal Avatar
    Chandara Dahal

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  16. careynh1 Avatar

    I have to really try this, such a motivation for me….thanks alot for this…. im currently 260 lbs and i want to loose the 60…. but i know its a slow process, but im giving myself up to year end to get totally in shape……

  17. Rabindra Bhujel Avatar
    Rabindra Bhujel

    Hey there!

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  18. rajbn1 Avatar

    Again very encouraging. Thank you.

  19. rajbn1 Avatar

    I weigh 231.5 pounds and my waist is close to 40.I have been working out for a couple of months but with no proper diet program or routine.Its cardio 20min,weight training 45 mins and ab for abt 25 min with 5 variations.I only lost about 13pounds in 60 days.Is this wght loss normal or should have lost more? but also note that i havent maintained a disciplined diet and i hve binged on food once every three or four days. But your video has inspired me to discipline myself and go for it. Thank you.

  20. easymoneymaker82 Avatar

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  21. Aaron C Avatar
    Aaron C

    hell ya brotha you just gave me crazy encouragement, THaNX

  22. KHayes1984 Avatar

    Even your feet got smaller

  23. hutchbeartrap22 Avatar

    respect for taking control of your life road2slim its fantastic to see a person say thats its, time to change and follow through with it. videos like your are an inspriation to people that are looking for that lift to start changing their habits and get inshape. im already in shape but i enjoy following other people success, positivity, through the gym, videos or articles help me keep focus. keep up the great work you look frigin GREAT!

  24. M. A. Leamon Avatar
    M. A. Leamon

    Hi there, have you tried “Belly Fat Quencher” (google it)? On their website you will find a useful free video. It helped Sonia to get rid of her abdominal fat. It may work for you also.

  25. nickc41307 Avatar

    How many carbs do u eat in one day? Cuz I cheated and I need to start back up again.. how many carbs do u take in everyday?

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