Before and After Weight Loss Transformations!

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13 responses to “Before and After Weight Loss Transformations!”

  1. BikiniCe Avatar

    I can’t wait until my 6 week challenge is over so I can see myself in a before and after video. Love that you make these for us, thank you!

  2. freedomwon Avatar

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  3. Mkj091 Avatar

    OMG the guy at 0:33 looks like he lost enough weight to create another fully grown man. not sure if he’ll see this comment or not but WAY TO GO!!!!

  4. sailxonxmusic Avatar

    0:37 is absolutely amazing! So are the others of course, but that one really jumped out. Thanks for making this video, really appreciate it. I watch this every single day, it keeps me motivated and it reminds me of what I’m doing all of these workouts and diets for!

  5. Skyetropics Avatar

    love taoi cruz!!!

  6. Debbie Y Avatar
    Debbie Y

    Truly inspiring vids - thanks!

  7. wahlicnm Avatar

    Wow, this is so fantastic!!! Thank you so much for uploading this, it’s such a great motivation to me (I’m way over 300lb-149kg, on my way down<3 ), so I’m superthankful!

  8. alfie007a Avatar

    that will be me soon

    i have lost

    4.4 pounds now

    in only 3 days yay

  9. jw1487 Avatar

    wow… Some of these are unbelievable!

    These are seriously motivating. Keep up the great work putting the videos together. Maybe I’ll be in one a year from now!

  10. kellyflower05 Avatar

    Awesome!! Thanks for putting these together! Very inspiring.

  11. ec2749 Avatar

    thank you for constantly making vidoes!

  12. BrendonR17 Avatar

    the music in your videos is always awesome 🙂 i find my self replaying them to listen lol

  13. mzrey Avatar


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