Best Fruit for Diet and Weight Loss | Healthy Ways to Lose Weight | Good Ways to Lose Weight Best Healthy Ways to Lose Weight click the link to the left. Best Fruit for Diet and Weight Loss| Healthy Way…

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  15. dyaonna Avatar

    Can you make a video about not drinking soda and the side effects of it ? thanks

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    Lidka Kwiatkowska

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  17. Tdizzle W Avatar
    Tdizzle W

    also if i’m going to be using water to mix how much water do i use? per scoop and what your serving suggestion on the berries (strawberries, blue berries) etc.. thanks!

  18. Tdizzle W Avatar
    Tdizzle W

    hi brenda i actually bought the jay rob protein powder in vanilla, i got it for the purposes of drinking it in the morning when i don’t feel like making breakfast or i’m on the go. hower i noticed you said the egg white is a slower one should i have gotten both? egg white for mornings and the other for after work out? will i have a negative effect if i drink the non egg white one?

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    Hanna King

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  23. Liz Ali Avatar
    Liz Ali

    I always have a stomachache 2hrs after i had my protein shake for my post workout. Do you know why? 🙁 i dont think i am a lactose intolerance because i do drink milk. please help me. xx

  24. rajdeep kaur Avatar
    rajdeep kaur

    What about the lean shake?

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  26. sunmaidliz Avatar

    I had a chia pet in the late 80s… yes, darling. They are the same thing.

  27. sunmaidliz Avatar

    My personal opinion is to stay away from them… you can get more protein and less calories with a cup of cottage cheese or greek yogurt with a bit of fruit.

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    le hang

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    Senthil Kumar

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    Fox red

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  31. Rickybondfly Avatar

    Nice and hot!!! 🙂

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    brahim erradi

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    ratin rafin

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  34. K Ward Avatar
    K Ward

    Hi Brenda Leigh, do all of your advice help a super obese woman as myself? I appreciate and love all your videos.

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    Kirk Toman

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  36. Steph P Avatar
    Steph P

    can you do a video on protein bars too?? i used to eat “Pure Protein” bars which have low fat/sugars (2 to 6g)and 20g of protein which is quite goo compared to other protein bars and they also have less calories than other bars (they have 180-200 cals, while ive seen many others that are over 250 cal) and even tho they seem great, ever since i stopped eating them, ive leaned out a bit. why is this? i would love for you to provide any info on protein bars

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