Crazy Sexy Diet Book Review with Kris Carr

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10 responses to “Crazy Sexy Diet Book Review with Kris Carr”

  1. 26ranu Avatar

    Hi hi! Have you tried intellectus 424 diet (google it)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin lost lots of weight with it.

  2. aprilsteeles Avatar

    @maritimetimes lol

  3. ThirteenHealth Avatar

    😀 I just love Kris Carr… She is my guru not cause she has some amazing life coach but she is so fun and CRAZY… 😀

  4. quitejaded Avatar

    @maritimetimes Its not just about getting in shape. The book deals with emotional shit pickles and any other shit pickle. Its not about obesity only. In fact, she got into this because she had CANCER.

  5. quitejaded Avatar

    I love this book. She explains the theory of high-vibe health in an easy to understand way and she is not extreme which turns me off about most other books. Its really fun read. Bright, colourful!

  6. maritimetimes Avatar

    people are so lazy/dumb…
    shouldn’t a take a book to get in shape
    what a sad state we’re in

  7. StephenieZamora Avatar

    I’m in the middle of this book and I just LOVE it! The science is just fascinating and she presents everything in such an easy to digest manner. Everyone should ready this book! Go buy it!!

  8. princeword Avatar

    Many views, few comments. I guess as a guy who’s been weighing the exact same for the last 10 years, this might not be me as a target audience.

    However, I can really say that this was a very well-produced video. Good work. I’m glad I signed up to the newsletter too.

    Woop woop

  9. duhamn Avatar

    I have this book too and I LOVE it!! I’m actually giving it to someone who comments on my blog this week – it’s too good not to share 🙂

  10. MissChol Avatar

    I was amazed at all of the 5* ratings this book got on Amazon. Impatiently waiting for my copy to arrive.

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