Day 6. Lose weight challenge, Healthy Recipes

Lose weight challenge. healthy recipes. Katrina hodgson and Karena Dawn team up with Gabriella Reece from…






4 responses to “Day 6. Lose weight challenge, Healthy Recipes”

  1. sagarunars Avatar

    How many calories should you eat for breakfast? My breakfast when I have some, never helps for long.

  2. steph whitman Avatar
    steph whitman

    i might not be doing this at the exact time that you posted it…but i’m loving this series so much…i’m already noticing differences in my body:D

  3. twingirlsmom08 Avatar

    Tip for pancakes: If you mix the batter and then cover and refrigerate over night it makes them more fluffy! 🙂

  4. Twilightescence5 Avatar

    Katrina – I read in a comment you posted that you “grew up heavy” i dont believe it! how long did it take you to get from where you were to…well, now?

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