Diet Recipe – Sexy bodies need oats & fruit for breakfast by Niki ConikiTV

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6 responses to “Diet Recipe – Sexy bodies need oats & fruit for breakfast by Niki ConikiTV”

  1. MrSupasexi Avatar

    3 cups is pleeeeenty for 3 grown adults, so just for you im guessing would be way too much lol. the serving size is 3/4 cup so id say around there.

  2. TheEsotericDesi Avatar

    i recently started Oatmeal in fat free milk daily as my breakfast, and I did buy a measuring cup, 1/2 cup and 1 cup serving size measuring cups… How much oatmeal can you recommend for daily intake for breakfast? Someone told me having 3 cups is too much and can be unhealthy…

  3. conikicon008 Avatar

    Yes, just check our other videos or search for “Diet Recipe – Delicious Healthy Omelette by Niki”

  4. happysplinters Avatar

    do you have any healthy recipees for eggs or omellettes?

  5. hahanikka Avatar

    nice..can you do a video on how to boil hotdogs please…i love beanies and weenies 🙂

  6. formico10 Avatar

    its stevens mum. lol

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