Diet Tips & Lowering Calories, Ep83

Natasha gives you some diet tips, how to reduce the calories in your meals and she answers some questions regarding calories in smoothies, etc.. www.rawradianthealth.comFREE Juices & Smoothies Recipe eBook at http Website: Blog Facebook: Twitter: Help keep the videos going— Donations are always APPRECIATED!! To learn more about the Raw Food Diet and individual, group or donation based coaching to lose weight, have more energy and get healthy, go to: –





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  1. RawRadiantHealth Avatar

    In a smoothie you can just calculate the calories of each individual ingredient and add them al up. With a juice, thats a whole other thing because you are taking the fiber out. On average, a juice has about 100 calories per cup, much less i its just vegetable with no fruit to sweeten it.

  2. oljaaaaaaa Avatar

    well, since the juicer throws out the pulp/skins/everything but the juice, should i decrease some calories from the total number i get for the huice/smoothie? considering im not technically eating the whole fruit/veggie

  3. oljaaaaaaa Avatar

    haha okay okay, ill try to say it differently. in the video you said, that if i want to find out the calories in a juice or a smoothie, i should ake all the indevidual ingredients, find out those calories (ex – a stalk of celery has 8 calories), add them together, and that will be the approx. calories in my juice/green smoothie, right?

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    I hope thats a good thing!!

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    I don’t understand your question

  7. RawRadiantHealth Avatar

    Oh yes!!

  8. RawRadiantHealth Avatar

    Thanks for watching!! To gain weight drinking smoothies with added fats can help a lot. Avoid Wheat Gluten (all wheat, barley, spelt, oats, etc…) Many people have an allergy to wheat gluten which can cause severe malnutrition and inability to maintain or gain weight.

  9. RADIANTandRAW Avatar

    I’ve sent you a message – I can’t seem to get onto the forum.

    However, I am doing really great, have been juice feasting for a whole day already!!

  10. ctsfinestjon Avatar

    for some reason i picture natasha smelling like canalopes.mmmmmm

  11. oljaaaaaaa Avatar

    thank you! <3 so would you suggest that i add together all i put into my smoothie, and then take it some calories lower than that? (just because of everything the juicer throws out from the juice)

  12. lovemerawTV Avatar

    watermelon is amazing in juicing and smoothies as well

  13. ctsfinestjon Avatar

    shes looks really good in this vid.Not to say ur not in any other but this time u extra Anyways i find it funny that im not fat but i watch all ur videos.Instead im really skinny and eat very unhealthy and dont plan on eating healthy.But i do want to gain alot of weight.Its so hard to though.Anyways nice vid….again

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