Dieting and Exercise Help : How to Lose Weight Faster on a Treadmill

To lose weight faster on a treadmill, begin a jogging regimen and gradually increase speed by running sprints and uphill intervals. Stay in shape with tips f…



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4 responses to “Dieting and Exercise Help : How to Lose Weight Faster on a Treadmill”

  1. Ferdous Ahmed Avatar
    Ferdous Ahmed

    Hi hi! Have you tried – fast abs magic (search on google)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend got really defined Six pack abs and lost a lot of weight with it.

  2. Sebastian Sromek Avatar
    Sebastian Sromek

    lol that is the exact treadmill at my school that I use XD

  3. KaylaSwga Avatar

    She is so sexy and Russian women

  4. TruVirgoXOXO82 Avatar

    It’s a shame that these videos don’t get as many views as others. It’s free fitness information that everyone can benefit from. I love it!!

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