Fast Weight Loss Diet – Lose 14lb in 5 days

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23 responses to “Fast Weight Loss Diet – Lose 14lb in 5 days”

  1. Mohamoud Hassan Avatar
    Mohamoud Hassan

    OMG what a nice body

  2. rabin shah Avatar
    rabin shah

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  3. Laureanoolh847 Avatar

    Guys, burn fat doesn’t have to be hard (I used to think it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Search a diet plan called Proladox Diet Plan. Seriously, that program has changed my life. I probably shouldn’t even be talking about it cause I do not want a bunch of other guys out there running the same “game” but whatever, I am in a good mood today so I’ll share the wealth haha.

  4. N LoBr Avatar
    N LoBr

    Girl! I love your channel, subscribing all the way!

  5. MarianneLuluette Avatar

    Are you a certified nutritionist ? Or you’re doing this for fun & knowledge? Love your videos! Helped me a lot!

  6. MrBestmovietrailer Avatar

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  7. CeliTan7 Avatar

    You know those tv commercials that suggest taking various medications for different ailments? At the end, they state all the side-effects, and all are NEGATIVE. Imagine if that the medication was actual “food” like parsley. At the end of the commercial they would state ALL side-effects of ingesting more parsley, and they would all be BENEFICIAL.———-I wish tv was genius like. Knowledge is power.

  8. dozedimples Avatar

    I loled at that part too xD

  9. Niranjan Maharjan Avatar
    Niranjan Maharjan

    They laughed when I told them I was going to burn up fat with Lean Body Blaster, but then I showed them the results. Google Lean Body Blaster to see their reaction. (You should see their faces!)

  10. Shadowbirdd Avatar

    I don’t eat much red-meat for the same reason. I eat mostly fish now. It took me some time to get used to this new diet, but now I love it.

  11. erriche7 Avatar

    Good video and useful.There is a collection of essays with the same subject matter in this link

  12. Joe Chandler Avatar
    Joe Chandler

    How to lose weight realy fast? POUNDALE.COM Realy helped me with my problem, check it out

  13. muscomap Avatar

    terrificweightloss(.com) – great website where I got a free E-Book upon sign up.

  14. Jared Diaw Avatar
    Jared Diaw

    “and its going to contribute to you not being such a fat ass” lmfao

  15. Anthony78J Avatar

    So I found your channel on accident. Never the less you’ve got your self a new sub . Thanks for the videos

  16. Wythegoodsense Avatar

    I would be interested in a program related to Dementia and Alzheimer’s issues. Thank you.

  17. CrazyTacky Avatar

    ..umm you make that green dress look amazing.

    Oh.. and love the videos 🙂

  18. Tej Thagunna Avatar
    Tej Thagunna

    If you want to lose fat quickly, you should look up on google Slim Body Maximizer. That might help you get the body you deserve.

  19. T-ae yeon Avatar
    T-ae yeon

    I already told you. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. And I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. worth watch here now –> bit.lyVCUDFB

  20. ldyblssd Avatar

    Can you do a video on wild caught fish versus farm raised fish? Also can you do a video on the truth about raspberry ketones?

  21. Steve Schlais Avatar
    Steve Schlais

    “Just suck it up.” LOL
    I love the truth…it’s so refreshing!

  22. Valeriya Vandermark Avatar
    Valeriya Vandermark

    you look wonderful in green!

  23. Expressyourselfx Avatar

    AHHHHHHHH! never eating bad food again! hahaha

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