Fastin diet update

This video is how my progress is going as far as the Fastin Diet.

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9 responses to “Fastin diet update”

  1. Alyssa Krajniak Avatar
    Alyssa Krajniak

    You are so beautiful and sweet! Thanks so much for making this video. I just ordered Fastin today. I am a bit nervous about wasting my hard earned money but hopefully it will work for me. Have you tried Fastin XR? Are you still taking it?

  2. 78maine Avatar

    I did great on Meizitang and I sell it now and so far my people which are mainly friends and fam are doing great!! But i love hearing about other products so I will definitely check this out thanks :^)

  3. mrsbklyn Avatar

    Hey there 🙂 I only take one pill a day in the morning between 9-10 am. I have learned that if I take it later in the day I have some serious insomnia.

  4. Yuri B Avatar
    Yuri B

    i had a question..ive seen alot of people reviews and they all vary about how many they actually take a many did you take and what time??

  5. happydimples39 Avatar

    I sure will and you are so welcome.☺

  6. mrsbklyn Avatar

    Thanks for commenting.I never heard of Botanical Slimming Gel Pill, I have to google that and check it out. Yes you are so right there are alot of fake ones out there. Let me know how things are going with your diet.

  7. happydimples39 Avatar

    I have been looking for a review on this product before trying them. I am going to definitely try them out and let you know how it is working for me. I have lost 20lbs on the Botanical Slimming Gel Pill, but gain 10lbs back. It is not working for me, because there are a lot of fake one out there. Thank you so much for the review.

  8. whose caresed Avatar
    whose caresed

    what about bean dip? should it really change the taste of salsa….. im mexican 😛

  9. munawt Avatar

    you shouldnt cook or heat flax seed oil or wheat germ bc omega 3 and vit E get distructed by heat. put it in salads or sprinkle it after food is cooked.

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