Fit Kim’s Five Favorite Slimming Superfoods

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Consultant Kimberly Olson shares her five favorite slimming superfoods. 1. Green Coffee Bean 2. Saffron 3. Spicy Foods 4. Genesis Today Pomegranate and Berries with Resveratrol 5. Garcinia Cambogia Visit for more healthy tips! http
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In this segment, Dr. Lindsey Duncan unveils his five favorite superfoods for slimming down the waistline this summer and helping to burn fat. 1. Green Coffee Bean 2. Spices like Saffron 3. Resveratrol 4. Raspberry Ketone 5. Seaweed For more information, visit






2 responses to “Fit Kim’s Five Favorite Slimming Superfoods”

  1. keziataylor Avatar

    I am overwhelmingly disappointed with the green coffee bean. I took this product, as directed, for one week and I gained three pounds!  Nothing could be more devastating or depressing than to give great effort by reducing calories, working out and taking a supplement that was supposed to assist in weight loss but, yet, I gained weight. And since I was reducing and burning calories while taking this product, I am left surmising that the product somehow caused my weight gain.

  2. thebootcampbabe Avatar

    WHY doesn’t that woman know when to SHUT UP!!!!! SO annoying

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