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  1. Panji Ibnu Avatar
    Panji Ibnu

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  2. Dmitry Nikolaev Avatar
    Dmitry Nikolaev

    Bad ass mother fucker respect and subscribed brother keep up the good job

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  4. Aaron Boyum Avatar
    Aaron Boyum

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    aanup sth


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  6. gerardst1 Avatar

    I like this one – thanks

  7. Cameron McCollum Avatar
    Cameron McCollum

    hay bud you are a cool cat keep juicing and keep it alive bud good information!

  8. Candy Miller Avatar
    Candy Miller

    lmao hes like a hippie i love it

  9. Bertha Angeloff Avatar
    Bertha Angeloff

    I’ve just started juicing and you’re awesome! Screw those dumb asses! You’re a cool cat and I’ll stop watching you , if you change! Lol ( hugs brother )

  10. Srinivas Reddy Avatar
    Srinivas Reddy

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  11. Bibek Maharjan Avatar
    Bibek Maharjan

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  12. Treshawnagwendo Avatar

    I will start juicing (again) next week Tuesday 1st jan for 30 days. Anyone wanna join me? I will be doing daily/weekly updates and weigh ins on my YouTube page treshawnagwendo. Come join me!!!!!

  13. Summer Mrotek Avatar
    Summer Mrotek

    i want to see more dancing, maybe a specific dance for each juice blend:)

  14. Trula Phillips Avatar
    Trula Phillips

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  15. Joaquin Jauregui Avatar
    Joaquin Jauregui

    Cool vids, I love your positive energy.For the record, I am not a subscriber to the “Food Combination” thing myself. The body will digest what you give it. As a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu guy alot of folks I know are into the “Grace Diet” which is a food combo theory. The Grace diet said not to mix beans and rice together, sorry being of Mexican decent my people have survived off beans and rice forever, and have worked day and night on those staples so the Grace Diet lost credit w/ me on that one.

  16. 7krishn Avatar

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  17. leaderka Avatar

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  18. Ashley Lawrence Avatar
    Ashley Lawrence

    Love your optimism!

  19. imagine842 Avatar


  20. Popedavid21 Avatar

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  21. kiley paige Avatar
    kiley paige

    dan, i am 14 years old and have always been rather sickly by that i mean i have many surgereys and chrones disease and im also allergic to the sun wich is a bummer and im a bit overweight, but recently i have gotten a juicer and started watching your videos and i just wanted to tell you that you have put a speck of sunshine filled hope in my life and whenever i feel down i always remind myself that tripping is slipping, and to create my life wih good words and vibes, thank you <3

  22. kuet0803078 Avatar

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  23. teofivefive Avatar


  24. freelancer rahat Avatar
    freelancer rahat

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  25. Fwam95 Avatar

    You just made my day brother. GREEN JUICE TIME, GREEN JUICE TIME…I hope you patent that lil’ jingle. YOU KEEPS IT REAL. Blessings to you and your Youtube channel.

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