Gadgil Mrs Varsha – Type-2 Diabetes normalized

The simple yet specialty exercises & satiating natural diets from the SCAREX Pattern helped me normalize my blood sugar. I am now free from medicines on diab…

weight lose in 30 days satisfaction guaranteed!!! lets see if it really works:)
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17 responses to “Gadgil Mrs Varsha – Type-2 Diabetes normalized”

  1. Mellisa Onyiriuka Avatar
    Mellisa Onyiriuka

    @ RSelene where did you buy the power slim? and I so understand you because I too am short, just had a baby last year and this is the biggest I ever been. I never ever been in the double number before. I am so ready to lose this weight as well and yes big on me does not look good at all. I am also trying the tummy tuck miracle, how is it working for you so far?

  2. russell williams Avatar
    russell williams

    how much weight did you lose?

  3. xLost Prohet- Avatar
    xLost Prohet-

    maybe think before you make a video you come off so stupid

  4. Andrew Ellis Avatar
    Andrew Ellis

    THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM they have been promising me a refund for 2mths as the product contains ILLEGAL products, they will not respond to emails and are totally untrustworthy Paul Ellis

  5. PBJay96 Avatar

    These pills did nothing for me it was a complete waste of money

  6. thegreysonlover100 Avatar

    Hi so do you know if it has any age limitations???

  7. MsModeler Avatar

    Hi, I would to know if the pills worked? I want to buy it but I want to know if they really work. Please help me.

  8. Auburn Hernandez Avatar
    Auburn Hernandez

    @RSelene I know a couple of women who have been taking these for about a month. I’ve seen a tremendous transformation in them both. The lost about 20lbs! What were your results? When did you start to see a dramatic transformation?

  9. Shaxb0tzam Avatar

    did these help you?

  10. RSelene27 Avatar

    @TheSingerGirly14 I lost 5lbs but I really don’t know if it was the pills or just because I was working out super hard…

  11. RSelene27 Avatar

    @blahhyuuo well I lost 5lbs with them but idk if it was just cuz I was working out a lot…

  12. TheSingergirly14 Avatar

    girl i hear u i am 5’1″ and i understand the short thing i was thinking about trying this pills, did they work ?

  13. Berenice Arias Avatar
    Berenice Arias

    Did you Continue using these pills? did they work? I ordered them already but cant find any reviews like yours …

  14. RSelene27 Avatar

    @NaturalbeautyCrush girl i have bad news for you…lol…yeah i tried ordering some again and i know the web site didnt work im afraid it was a scam:( story of my life!!! But im trying the HCG Diet now…

  15. NaturalbeautyCrush Avatar

    can u tell me where u got it from because the link is not working

  16. RSelene27 Avatar

    @PBJay96 oh em gee fer reals wow i guess we all have different side affects but i some times get like that too &&wat i do is i drink alot of water to get full but since i really dont like water i use Mio 0calories 0sugar yay!!! or yur regular full meal cut it in half..oh and have yew lost any weight???

  17. PBJay96 Avatar

    im taking these and i am hungry like crazy any tips?

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