Gain Lean Muscle Mass! Lose Weight Quickly (Brandon Carter)

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23 responses to “Gain Lean Muscle Mass! Lose Weight Quickly (Brandon Carter)”

  1. irreashable Avatar

    Chairs Falls = Profit!

  2. wilsoncyrus850 Avatar

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  3. mikk4345 Avatar

    Looks like Hitman :O

  4. JamesBond19821 Avatar

    Awesome quote!

  5. Lortenerfrisk Avatar

    bucktown ftw

  6. seekperfection Avatar

    “Perception is reality” eliminates attentive understanding. Moreover, it inherently excludes perspective. Once perspective is introduced into any situation, it is no longer “reality.”

    If something is “real” (truly real) then it must be real for everyone. We all start with reality… when we throw our thoughts into the mix… it is no longer real. Because now it is different dependent upon how it is interpreted. And, interpretation is unique to an individual.

  7. Darrensolman1 Avatar

    How do I get a chest like this?

  8. musicmaniac505 Avatar

    @collinsboy21 o lol stupid me 😛

  9. collinsboy21 Avatar

    @musicmaniac505 No that’s good like a sick workout.

  10. musicmaniac505 Avatar

    @collinsboy21 y?

  11. collinsboy21 Avatar


  12. sportdrinkfruitpunch Avatar

    You have a badass chest man by doing those exercise will it help me get a chest like yours?

  13. loldudeno Avatar

    @FermentedBeancurd atleast you didn’t take an arrow to your knee

  14. M89ZY Avatar

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  15. marinel206 Avatar


  16. ButtersMargerine Avatar

    @fullmetal891 The fact that you’re being redundant is funny, given that..I have nothing else more to say to someone who cares to prolong this conversation. Goodbye kid:)

  17. fullmetal891 Avatar

    @ButtersMargerine dude you’re such a hypocrite, again why does everything your saying only apply to me and not u. And btw you could have just left it at that too but u keep replying, but like i mentioned earlier i guess u have to have the last word. And no u dont have more reason to reply, u just use that as an excuse to justify your responses

  18. ButtersMargerine Avatar

    @fullmetal891 Not once did I “bash” you it’s just kind of funny you’d reply after two weeks, sense you replied and I saw my inbox seeing your reply was RECENT, I have more of a reason to reply. You could of just left it at what it was so things didn’t have to elevate to something bigger than it was. You have the right to criticize but so far you haven’t found something to criticize about.

  19. fullmetal891 Avatar

    @ButtersMargerine … yea either that or i just checked my inbox and saw it and responded. And why do u get to respond but i dont? You can’t just respond to someone and criticize them and then bash them for responding back.. who do you think you are man, you think u can just give yourself the last word and thats it… you are the one that needs to grow up

  20. ButtersMargerine Avatar

    @fullmetal891 Oh no, I know i got mistakes in mine. But the fact that was 2 weeks ago proves you live in the past and you have to let go and grow up.

  21. fullmetal891 Avatar

    @ButtersMargerine dude this is youtube…. and besides, the point of languages is to communicate and i obviously was able to communicate with you clearly so it doesnt matter if something is misspelt. You’re pretty ignorant for judging someones knowledge based on a misspelt word. This isnt english class and im not writing an essay, its fucking youtube…. and if u want to get into all that shit, there are also grammatical errors in your comment, or do u only taking spelling into consideration?

  22. JReel17 Avatar

    @MoneyMarcMes: yes, it does give you a better chance of getting a hot girl, but thats not all the ladies look at

  23. MrQuatros Avatar

    This exercise is great! It worked very well! But what sadly happened is that my shoulder got hurt and now i have inflammation… Guys, tips! Warm UP! Very impotant

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