Get Real with Skinny Bitch: Rory Freedman

Don’t expect any handholding or coddling–this Skinny Bitch will give it to you straight. With her trademark sass, wit, and humor, Rory will: describe her own journey from junk-foodie to health-foodie, reveal which demon-food product took her ten years to exorcise from her diet, and share what keeps her motivated to stay on course. Just by changing her diet, Rory dramatically changed her life. Get Real with Rory and you’ll leave educated, in- spired, and committed to changing your own life. #1 New York Times best-selling author Rory Freedman was always completely obsessed with food, but she wasn’t always a healthy eater. So eventually, when she did change her ways, she experienced firsthand the difference a healthy diet could make. And the more she learned for herself, the more she wanted to share her knowledge and help others. With two million copies in print and translations in 27 languages, Skinny Bitch sparked a worldwide movement. It’s a wake-up call that exposes the problems with the food industry while inspiring people to eat well and en- joy food. Voted VegNews magazine’s first-ever “Person of the Year,” Rory has successfully counseled models, actors, athletes, and other professionals using the Skinny Bitch method. Learn more about Rory at
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18 responses to “Get Real with Skinny Bitch: Rory Freedman”

  1. Tangerinetaco Avatar

    It was only 2 years ago when I found out about dairy being bad and believed it. For so many years, almost all of my life (I’m 22) I was told and believed that dairy was good for us. Now I know with my whole heart that it isn’t. I was addicted to meat, and it took me awhile to get off meat. I’m mostly vegan (like 98% vegan). The last 2% is for the occasional slip up on eggs and dairy cause the world is very catered to vegans. That, or it’s cause I thought it was vegan and then realized it wasn’t

  2. sashutka100 Avatar

    she is amazing!!:)

  3. Spies152 Avatar

    Being vegan is cool and a higher step in vegan way is going just fruit,raw greenleafy vegetables and occasional nuts and seeds 😉

  4. CHEVAVAL04 Avatar

    She has many good points about the food quality and the amount of mean we eat in this country. However, the tiger is not going to be humane when chasing a deer. It simply kils and eats. The tiger or bear would do the same to me. We happen to be at the top of the food chain, and being vegan is a choice but does not make her better than people who eat meat.

  5. vicky2c Avatar

    I was also pissed at having to become a vegan and then I tried to justify it…but then finally it all came together for me. I consider myself lucky. I got my children to go vegan and now they are sort of activists and spread the message. I am so happy to make videos on this subject. Yeah humane slaughter, even kosher is b.s. and also, let’s try that on a human and see what happens.

  6. vicky2c Avatar

    She is very real and has a great flow with speaking. I was a huge meat eater too and when I stopped I did it mostly for health, but when I finally kicked the habit, I cared more for animals than I ever had. I also took dairy out as my first thing. Now, I am a proud raw low fat vegan..Fruits and Veggies is the way to go! Eat tons of them and have lots of energy and anti aging. I am a skinny bitch and proud to be one and it is all due to my diet.

  7. cjgracie0511 Avatar

    @xtraordinary92 Mine dont either but they cant argue my six pack now. lol! cant deny the results.

  8. shalee7GS Avatar

    I had no idea….

  9. tejo29se Avatar

    She’s the only vegan I can listen to on end. I never get tired of listening to her. She is great.

  10. DragonBunni Avatar

    @xtraordinary92 my parents don’t either! I’m such a healthy person, I know I’m extremely responsible and healthy about it but they’re acting stupid. Luckily I’m going to college soon so yay~

  11. geoffrey1844 Avatar

    Your book has made me not only give up meat and dairy, but I use it everyday to my friends and family. This book is a life changer. Geoffrey in Scranton PA

  12. tabenx Avatar

    I’d give her a steak. I think you gentlemen know what I mean.

  13. xtraordinary92 Avatar

    rory you’ve changed my life. i’ve turned vegan. but my parents don’t approve , its silly isnt it??

  14. Rdcoaxum Avatar

    Thanks so much for posting this!!!

  15. Sarascrueltyreport Avatar

    @chansondudimanche being vegan has changed my life. Her book has made all my friends turn vegan

  16. vinny111 Avatar

    Rory is Amazing, so good to hear the

  17. chansondudimanche Avatar

    Rory you are so fantastic…Skinny Bitch has changed my life forever even though I was already a vegetarian…I am now moving to vegan and enjoying the process. Thank you

  18. weightloss Avatar

    But you need MEAT.

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