Halloween Diet Tips and Tricks

http://www.diet.com/videos Get Halloween diet tips and tricks from mom and Pilates expert, Lisa Johnson, so you can make smart decisions with the seasonal ca…
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25 responses to “Halloween Diet Tips and Tricks”

  1. diethealth Avatar

    Great solution for getting it out of the house!

  2. Robert Johnson Avatar
    Robert Johnson

    When i was a kid there was one house in my neighborhood that would give out apples every year

  3. Gina Pagel Avatar
    Gina Pagel

    I love Reese’s peanut butter cups <333

  4. JasminJonson Avatar

    somehow this makes me sad, my mom never did something to prevent me from eating my halloween candy, i was playing so much outside, this candy didnt make any difference… but the kids nowadays 🙁

  5. funkyhaha11 Avatar

    My favourite Halloween treat are gummies and chocolate.

  6. DragonKingGaav Avatar

    Sarah is my favorite treat 😉

  7. GettingNailed Avatar

    I take mine to work and everyone there loves me for it!

  8. dianedaia Avatar

    Sarah is definitely looking much leaner and slimmer in recent videos.

  9. Tajana Ristic Avatar
    Tajana Ristic

    Why would you ever throw out food that your kid doesn’t like? What a waste.

  10. hiddentreazure Avatar

    I like those chocolate peanut butter eyeballs. I cannot buy much at any time as I have very poor self-discipline when it comes to sugar. Is it true chewing on cinnamon sticks or using cinnamon in your coffee can help remove craving for sugar?

  11. zygote peyote Avatar
    zygote peyote

    Childhood obesity isn’t an issue Sarah, it is an epidemic!

  12. halycyon1234 Avatar

    One candy apple!

  13. emrguns1 Avatar

    Sugar is the Enemy!!!!!!!!!!!! But Sarah is looking good.

  14. swazzleberry Avatar

    We try not to buy candy to give out until RIGHT before Halloween, so we don’t munch too much! Too bad I have already overindulged in peanut butter cups this year! lol!

  15. shag813 Avatar


  16. LLROCKS23 Avatar

    i wont eat sweets instead ill be out getting my tequila fix!!haha

  17. Kayla Taylor Avatar
    Kayla Taylor

    MaryJane peanut butter chews…I hated them as a kid, but now they are my fav. lol

  18. katiebrookeee Avatar

    u look great!

  19. fatchicklosingweight Avatar

    the whole family i meant

  20. fatchicklosingweight Avatar

    it’s called be a parent…..I only allow 5 pieces the first night and only 1 a day after that…..i sound mean…but i am over weight and trying to lose weight..and i know how it feels to be picked on for being over weight..and if there are steps i can take to make sure my children are never put in that spot i will…..the whole goes on a diet rather than tell my child they are fat…limit candy people…..i wish my mom would have

  21. jox0x Avatar

    sarah you look beautiful!

  22. Hannah Hudson Avatar
    Hannah Hudson

    I like Twizzlers and M&M’s! 

  23. ry200455665 Avatar

    my favorite candy is crunchie bars!!!

  24. ry200455665 Avatar

    When I was young we use to bring our bags home, dump everything on the table, sort them based on preference (give out the ones we didn’t like), and divide the candy into “days” using plastic ziplock bags.

  25. ward148 Avatar

    I’d say pencils and erasers for Halloween would keep you lean… ;

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