Heal Psoriasis Naturally – Raw foods diet!

In this video I share the 5 main components to heal psoriasis naturally 1) Switch to a raw foods diet. Fruit being the MAIN source of your calories. Juicing is very healing. Juice fasting would be best. 2) More medicial herbs in your diet. You can go on to www.drmorsesherbalhealthclub.com to buy the herb brand I use. Or you can have fresh herbs in your diet by juicing them, eating them in a salad or making a smoothie with them. Dandelion is one of my favorite. 3) Sauna! Sweat 🙂 Or better yet do bikram yoga classes to get a work out and sweat at the same time. 4) Dry brush How to properly skin brush – youtu.be 5) Throw out moisturizers and use natural moisturizing products. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil Become my facebook friend! www.facebook.com
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  1. Sandra FruitsYou Avatar
    Sandra FruitsYou

    Yes that is correct IBS is healed with juicing and a raw foods diet. Its funny the thing that heals disease like IBS and Chrons is the thing that will heal you. Find me on facebook as well as I can link you more youtube videos on healing IBS with raw foods facebook.com/sandra.fruits.you

  2. Sandra FruitsYou Avatar
    Sandra FruitsYou

    Self healing colitis by david klein. Also you can type into the search bar healing IBS with raw food diet and you’ll find a lot great info and people who have healed like Paul Nison. I am a colon hydrotherapist and I understand IBS very well and have worked with people with IBS. I feel your pain and let me tell you…. Your life is about to get a whole lot better 😀 !!!! I am very excited for you and your new journey 🙂

  3. wrestleingdiva Avatar

    ibs is healed with fruits and jucing? i thought fruits and vegtables are the main enemy of ibs

  4. Sandra FruitsYou Avatar
    Sandra FruitsYou

    type into youtube search bar “IBS and a Raw Food Diet, Part 2 ” Raw foods heal IBS as well 🙂 But I would also recommend juicing to relieve stress initially. Penni Shelton is the woman in the video who heals her IBS she has youtube channel as well and is a wonderful woman who started the site rawfoodrehab (dot) com You can also look her up on facebook and ask her how she healed 🙂

  5. wrestleingdiva Avatar

    i have plauge psoriasis on my entire scalp behind my ears patches on my upper lip and on my chin i have found a shampoo last year that works very good for me at controling itching and flaking but for 13 years ive never had clear skin on my scalp lip or chin and really wanna try your idea but there is a problem you see i have ibs which is a disorder that makes my stomach hurt when i eat fruits or veg and i was wondering how can i try your method to cure psoriasis with my ibs?

  6. angryamerican Avatar

    It is so nice of you to make a video educating others how to help themselves! Even if it’s out of your comfort zone.

    You are a cutie patootie also! 🙂

  7. 321614554 Avatar

    Exactly how i first started my treatment for psoriasis eventually it aggravated my symptoms and they spread all over my body because of the steroid bombardment. I quit using ointments, steroids or any pharmaceutical drug for 6 months and my psoriasis stayed the same. Its disgusting how the pharmaceutical industry and the dermatologists encourage steroid use. Thank God i found hemp and Goat Milk Soap. I also noticed ice cold showers to have a great impact on my skin rather than hot showers.

  8. Carlos Khan Avatar
    Carlos Khan

    i was using dirosalic ointment on my body for like 6 hours at a time i was like a robot not being able move covered in ointment it was good at removing the scales less dead skin in the bedroom less hoovering and dusting i have very thin skin becouse of this now you can actually see my vains under my eyes and legs my eyes are very red and itchy and i shower once a week becouse my skin becomes so dry and it really hurts im looking forward to going out to the health shop to buy hemp products

  9. 321614554 Avatar

    I hope it works for you just like it works for me, I had psoriasis 70% covering my body now its like down to 20-30% thanks to hemp soap. I had it for 5 years so far, and i started using hemp since the beginning of December.now its only on my back, and the patches are healing from the inside out. not only does it heal your psoriasis but it makes your skin a shade brighter and healthy looking. I wish you all the best

  10. Carlos Khan Avatar
    Carlos Khan

    thanks i will go out in the morning and buy some hemp soap i will keep you posted about the outcome

  11. 321614554 Avatar

    I use hemp soap, and Goat Milk soap, i also eat hemp seed because of its healing properties. Btw The hemp soap does wonders, the plaques never return and they completely heal from the inside out. And i also take cold showers. Ever since i used hemp my psoriasis from my legs never came back, and after every use the plaques get smaller and smaller. Hemp seed has 10 amino acids and omega 3 and 6 you should try it. Also try ordering hemp seed oil, i heard it heals in a month or so, but look it up.

  12. Carlos Khan Avatar
    Carlos Khan

    this is bull shit i have had this skin disease for 30 years it covers 70 percent of my body i have tried everything the only thing that worked for me was a holiday to mallorca spain i went for two weeks i ended up staying for 7 years becouse 100% of my skin cleared uo and as soon as i got back to england within a week it came back again even harder then before i then tried sunbed treatment which did not work so i went back to spain and in two weeks it all cleared up agin

  13. denirio Avatar

    Psoriasis.. My gift and curse. Without it I know I’ll be eating terrible leaving me acceptable to cancers and diseases etc but since I have it. I eat good feel good live good. This video was very helpful. 🙂

  14. thehappypaintress Avatar

    Thank you Sandra for the suggestions. Very kind that you did this! These are things my teenager may do. Simple too. For protein we have been trying hemp protein powder with all those omegas – in raw cookies. She will like the part where you say Psoriasis sucks hahahaha!

  15. john greeko Avatar
    john greeko

    Sandra you sexy girl 🙂

  16. NMWMN Avatar

    …my psorisis is killing me…tried everything… doesn’t work… time to die!

  17. Tom Jonson Avatar
    Tom Jonson

    Psoriasis does suck! I had it for 6 years, didnt know what to do, always wore bandages to cover it up. I wanna cry watching this. You been very helpful. Much love.

  18. Trushar Patel Avatar
    Trushar Patel


  19. M. Jyothi Avatar
    M. Jyothi

    Hi its a gud one

  20. Ironmannation Avatar

    Sunbathing and having a swim in the salty sea water really helps, everytime i go on holiday i do that and the skin condition disappears.

  21. crzywitboy3 Avatar

    Thanks for the video. I was wondering what you opinion on using baby oil is? Since you said stop using moisturizer I was curious if you thought I should stop using that and just use the olive oil?  thanks

  22. crzywitboy3 Avatar

    What is water therapy?

  23. Tazz Hussain Avatar
    Tazz Hussain

    Sandra bless your true star!! i have done my research and you bang on!! Thank you so much for this video for the viewers, people with psoriasis i recommend this video !!

  24. sdrobsonall Avatar

    I have been a psoriasis sufferer for over 18 yrs and i bought a juicer today! I just finished my first juice and i am so excited to learn about Dr Morse, so thanks! I will be looking more into his research in the coming weeks. Great first video!

  25. tango69er111 Avatar

    Hi Sandra so glad to have found your first video! You look great btw!

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