Health & Diet How I try to be healthy, haha. I’m 5’8.5″, 174cm, a bit over 120 lbs, or around 55kg. I’m trying to lose a few more lbs. Tips: – Drink a glass of hot water or lemon water first thing in the morning to flush out system – Always eat breakfast, eat your carbs in the morning – Spread out meals into 6 small meals a day – No sugar or carbs for dinner, low salt for dinner – No eating 4 hours before bed time – Watch your sauces, creamy sauces are high in calories – Dinner should be the smallest meal – Count your calories, I stick to around or under 1000 a day on the weekdays when I’m trying to lose weight – You don’t need 2000 calories if all you do is sit around – Exercise Foods in my regular diet: Apples, other fruits, plain oatmeal, fat free yogurt, coffee (with cream only), unsalted mixed nuts, egg, vegetables, baby carrots, celery, rotisserie or grilled chicken, tomato soup, green tea, dark chocolate, tuna Foods I never/rarely eat: Juices (bottled), soda, artificial drinks, pizza, cheese, burgers, hot dogs, fried food, cake, cookies, sweets, chips, salty snacks, ice cream, bread My favorite foods: Hot pot, sukiyaki, shabu shabu, Korean BBQ, Taiwanese food, steak, ribs My weight loss story: Music: Mika’s Song by Yiruma Intro: Rainism by Rain Cool!






6 responses to “Health & Diet”

  1. Simeonarakis Avatar

    what happen?

  2. absolutblue Avatar

    yes fuz we miss you !

  3. DarlyneBeauty Avatar

    I miss fuz soooooo much!

  4. prittyyyy Avatar

    I miss fuz ):

  5. yessyoyo Avatar

    Hi Fuz,where are you?i can’t find you account anymore.Tried to tracked down some of your video but failed…(

  6. DallasCowboyzfan9 Avatar

    ur 5’8 and 120 pounds and ur trying to lose weight wtf. ur already underweight. eat something u have nothing to worry about. im 5’7 and i weight 135 and the doctor said im at a healthy weight.

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