Healthy Cooking Made Easy! Asparagus Salad + Turkey (Weightloss)

Many of you have been asking me to make more videos about food and cooking, especially on how I have changed my meals to be healthier and fresher. My main fo…
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22 responses to “Healthy Cooking Made Easy! Asparagus Salad + Turkey (Weightloss)”

  1. Julia Johannesson Avatar
    Julia Johannesson

    This looks delicious (:

  2. trinhthiduong Avatar

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  3. Sachcha Wim Avatar
    Sachcha Wim

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  4. Megan Brodsky Avatar
    Megan Brodsky

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  5. jayanathyt Avatar

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  6. raghayasmae Avatar

    excelent, Subscribed from Morocco 🙂

  7. nayelischoice Avatar

    what does the balsamic vinager taste like on salad? never tried that. also my favorite vid is the one where you make multiple wraps 😀 very delish

  8. Yavor Stankov Avatar
    Yavor Stankov

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  9. Robertsy69er Avatar

    More videos great cooking especailly completely cutting out processed crap and junk food. that is the WAY FORWARD x

  10. LadyRaistlina Avatar

    Hi! Can you give me some advice? My boyfriend always eats sandwich for dinner and its to tempting, but I want to lose some weight so I try not to eat bread. Do you have some tips for diet “sandwich”? I I watched your wrap recipes, but for my college budget wrap is too expensive.

  11. Marivee P Avatar
    Marivee P

    I love your videos. You are such an inspiration. All of your videos are so informative and interesting. I think you are one of the most real, genuine people in you tube. Thanks for taking the time to film all your videos. Please keep sharing your healthy recipes and workout ideas to lose weight. Thanks again!

  12. SobraniePink647 Avatar

    Your voice is sooooo cool in this video :)) ♥

  13. Courtney Stevens Avatar
    Courtney Stevens

    Where this recipe? looks yum

  14. wanna benatural Avatar
    wanna benatural

    I like it when you post the full receipe.

  15. wanna benatural Avatar
    wanna benatural

    Is feta cheese better for you. I notice that you use it alot.

  16. wanna benatural Avatar
    wanna benatural

    What type of marinade you used on the chicken?

  17. sweetpeasaneca Avatar

    i thought that if you fried them you’ll lose out their important nutrients?

  18. healthysimplecooking Avatar

    Hey foodies,

    I just started my youtube cooking channel and would love some feedback!
    Would mean a lot if you could take a few minutes to check it out…

    Thank you!! xx

  19. Shely annon Avatar
    Shely annon

    That looks delicous!!!!!!!

  20. afresse0802 Avatar

    where did u purchase ur cutting board??

  21. NINI P Avatar
    NINI P

    i have heard that balsamic vinegar has loads of sugar inside and instead i use fresh lemon juice it actually tastes nice in the salad

  22. jam2music Avatar

    This is good,but the soy sauce has tons of salt.I love aparagus ..Al Denta ..Cooking too much can kill the vitamins it has.This is good for me.I stay away fried foods,and do a lot of baking or stir fry,unless my kids come over for dinner and request my great fried chicken. :)Every once in awhile they want mom’s home cooking I make home mac and cheese and they love it.:) Everyone loves it and I try to tell them how to do it but they say it never comes out that way..same for potatoe salad. LOL

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