Healthy Kale and Pear Smoothie Recipe For Weight Loss Video

Instagram: DRRVCD A quick and highly nutritious green smoothie recipe instruction video. Making green smoothies is e…






25 responses to “Healthy Kale and Pear Smoothie Recipe For Weight Loss Video”

  1. cara golder Avatar
    cara golder

    “Extremely highly”? Really?

    “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” Oh, wait…that’s for restaurants, not YouTube.

  2. TheEda1313 Avatar

    Wow nice body!

  3. communicashun Avatar

    how do i make a green smoothie?

  4. communicashun Avatar

    now i know how to make green shakes

  5. communicashun Avatar

    you forgot to take your pants off

  6. communicashun Avatar

    you forgot your shirt

  7. TheAbStand Avatar

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  8. LiVnLiFeWGod Avatar

    I drooled thru the whole video….lol…So HOT!

  9. catracho091 Avatar

    I have a question is it fine if we add vanilla protein powder to it or will it change the results?

  10. Lisa So Fine Avatar
    Lisa So Fine

    He is so Sexy Damnnnn lol

  11. Randy Cawley Avatar
    Randy Cawley

    Loved your vid! I know a very cool program to lose weight which helped me to lose 75+ pounds,
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  12. Swaga McYolo Avatar
    Swaga McYolo

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  13. FashionHoney73 Avatar

    because he is sexy AF & can do that!

  14. Bonina Skrijelj Avatar
    Bonina Skrijelj

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  15. Sahen Liyanage Avatar
    Sahen Liyanage

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  16. juanita mcbeth Avatar
    juanita mcbeth

    Try honey for sweet in stead of sugar

  17. Stephanie Howard-Reilly Avatar
    Stephanie Howard-Reilly

    I didnt catch one word he said for the first half of this video. God bless you smoothie guy.

  18. Dawnita Lutz Avatar
    Dawnita Lutz

    well, I throughly enjoyed watching this but will have to watch it again to pay attention to the ingredients.

  19. Ivan Zivanovic Avatar
    Ivan Zivanovic

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  20. Michael Zavodny Avatar
    Michael Zavodny

    Put in some of that booze!

  21. mat00422 Avatar

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  22. 1funnysistah Avatar

    Omg your body is awesome, I have no idea what your saying…I’ll rewind. Damn even cutting you flexed, oops okay I’m good.

  23. Roberto Alanis Avatar
    Roberto Alanis

    You can also use blue organic agave to sweeten it up as well better than the artificial sweeteners.

  24. PHXJersey Avatar

    I can see why you have your shirt off but you can pull the shorts up a tad looks like there about to fall off

  25. elisstorres Avatar

    how are we supposed to concentrate i dint even
    look at what you wore making but hey we are not
    complaining keep the shirt off lol

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