HOT SPRINGS! Will you REGENERATE? Or… degenerate ?

*SHOP http Raw Food Diet Raw Food Weight Loss Vegetable Juicing A Hot Springs Adventure! ➜ support is appreciated! ➜ liferegenerator STORE http Juicers, Blenders, Food Processors, Books & more * I nspiration * — If you’ve been sick a long, long time, you CAN turn it around…however, it’s probably not going to happen w/ pills, or the latest medical breakthrough. — Why not? Because the simplicity of how our cells function has been around forever: If we want functioning cells, we must stop the inflammation of them! Why? Because inflammation calcifies the healthy cells of our body. — We often “feel” the calcification first in our bones & joints…making it all harden up & become more stiff, as we also then deal with an over-abundance of osteoblasts being deposited all around. — SO, if you have achy, stiff joints, or arthritis, or ANYTHING really, there IS actually a way out, which doesn’t involve pharmaceuticals! Just ALKALIZE your body’s tissues! The quickest way is 1 green vegetable juice every day freshly juiced by YOU or at a juice bar, as you will want it to be RAW! If it comes in a can or a bottle at the store, it is NOT raw unless on the off-chance there is a local business that does indeed sell raw freshly-bottled juice…in which case they would probably make that fact VERY well known on the label. 😉 When in doubt, assume it is NOT raw and just go home and juice a green drink quickly by yourself! — Remember! It
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25 responses to “HOT SPRINGS! Will you REGENERATE? Or… degenerate ?”

  1. PatrickJessePJ Avatar

    This guy is right!

  2. LivingWaterist Avatar

    Love you Dan this is great stuff! Keep up the great work my friend!

  3. tomislav5689 Avatar

    Just do it!

  4. XeenWoozy Avatar

    fk, i wanna go swimming now

  5. Josie Nilo Avatar
    Josie Nilo

    impressive video, sound is good despite the background. what camera do you use, Dan?

  6. xhardxcorexnigx3 Avatar

    damn man. nice video man.

  7. bluffr22 Avatar

    This 2 1/2 yr old random vid is still – for some reason – one of my favourite ones. I don’t exactly sit n watch it every day, but, I have it saved in ‘favourites’ and there are many inspiring, motivating DTM vids but this is still one of my favourites.

  8. krementz0 Avatar

    I smoke cigarettes, eat cheeseburgers, on a daily basis, i need a lifestyle change…

  9. sujoms Avatar

    Dude this is an awesome place. My god, why don’t we have this in The Netherlands

  10. alien4fish Avatar

    How come you’re not smoking a bowl?

  11. bluffr22 Avatar

    … this was the first liferegenerator Vid I ever saw about a month ago! Since then I have his 5 DVD’s becaming close and closer to 95% raw and my new ( first ever ) juicer has arrived this morning!!! YAHOOOOO

  12. meditateORdie Avatar

    Hang in there Dan.

  13. tataeco1 Avatar

    Really nice and interesting video .

  14. awais7860 Avatar

    its true saying we should eat more vegetables to make ourself healthy

  15. andygunawan84 Avatar

    that’s boy is like actor of sex movie,,,,,,,,,hahahaha maybe if he go bath with beautiful girl is very nice video

  16. MsKarenrankin Avatar

    I love — Love this one

  17. CrystalAnthony12 Avatar

    i love this guy . he speaks only the truth . never over jumping to another topic just smooth and to the point . i feel lke i have most of the info you speak already with in me . i tell my girlfriend all the time that its commen since. learn whats happening with the food we eat and then you will know what path you need to take in oder to live a happier healthier life . thinking positive is a big part of it . love your self and people around you is a bigger part .

  18. mahadragon Avatar

    Nothing like listening to a naked white hippie talking about life’s lessons on Youtube 🙂

  19. ocbc1975 Avatar

    Dan I sure hope you are writing a book or something you are becoming so knowledgeable in the sickness of this planet and how we can reverse so many problems simply by eating our greens and fruits and veggies.  I feel many people would love to sit down and read your insights on the lifestyle, and meditation tips and other areas like your great recipes maybe this gives you some ideas.

    God Bless and Best Wishes. Owen in BC, Canada
    People are still watching these older videos because of YOU.

  20. ruvanoanne Avatar

    Nice stout girls finding romance online

  21. adventureportraits Avatar

    cool dude! hot springs are awesome =)

  22. dezinediva Avatar

    i had a hard time paying attention because the water sounded so good! I just wanted to take a nap and relax with a hot mug of green tea.

  23. R0kmyS0X Avatar

    Raw food isn’t the best thing in my opinion, but in todays society, its our only choice, because anything other is processed and modified so severely that its dangerous to eat. They contain toxic chemicals, and are sprayed with all these pesticides, that even the workers wear suits to protect them from the things their spraying on OUR FOOD! Raw food, is being attacked no too. The only way to stop this, is to educate the people, for the people is where the power is.

  24. ejb40plp Avatar

    Dan you are the man. The world needs more people like you. – Evan

  25. mrthomasmx Avatar

    Gracias Dan por poner estos videos me han ayudado bastante me diste muchas ideas aprendi mucho de ti gracias gracias. He consumido muchos vegetales y frutas y desde entonces no me he enfermado de nada ya no me ha dado pero ni gripe o tos. GRACIAS.

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