Hot Viral Sweat Workout

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25 responses to “Hot Viral Sweat Workout”

  1. ahshar2 Avatar

    Why you do that?

  2. XtasicRider Avatar

    ninjaaaa! lol

  3. kativilaga Avatar

    Actually, what really helps with this realtime version is to see that you are suffering too! I mean that it doesn’t stop you! I always imagined that it was much easier for you because you are in a great shape but now I see that I have no excuse to stop! It will also help with the “beeps”.. I don’t have a timer and it is really ennoying to watch the clock the whole time… Thanks so much!

  4. brigettemsanchez Avatar

    I’ve been telling everyone you’re my new super-hero 🙂 but really thanx for all the great workout ideas!!!

  5. sampfa Avatar

    I hook this up to the tv and its great, much better workouts this way please keep it xx

  6. dkfeo Avatar

    At 8:54, I’m dead__________________________lol

  7. be0ne Avatar

    love your work ! 

  8. lormin Avatar

    On another note, you don’t really have to write your reps since you are recording the whole thing. Why don’t you have you DH write the info down so you’ll have less interruptions?

  9. ktmac1027 Avatar

    I really wish I could do these workouts! The only problem is I have nowhere to do them 🙁

  10. Dkalas2008 Avatar

    I love that you are doing the exercises with us. It pushes me more!! Thank you Zuzana.

  11. lormin Avatar

    real time is definitely the way to go. you don’t even have to talk, it’s like any exercise video just following along. I love daylight much better, can see everything better without the studio light shadows.


  12. IncredibleEz Avatar

    thanks for another “real-time” video! these are great! I go to the gym regularly but your workouts still get me sweating!

  13. seandchoi Avatar

    These workouts are grueling! It’s kind of fun to try to compete with you in real time, though. 🙂

  14. PrettifulMakup Avatar

    even though you are huffing and puffing you make it look effortless! I love these new videos!! It is helping me so much….there is never a boring workout…I can never get tired of these 🙂

  15. TheCatlover90 Avatar

    and if i do this every day for how long will i have sexy but and flat abs??

  16. TheCatlover90 Avatar

    and if i do this every day for how long will i have sexy but and flap abs??

  17. Kanskevetja Avatar

    This was to difficult for me…

  18. didrock17 Avatar

    you are a machine! go girl!

  19. Ikaved97 Avatar

    I can not do these! I will just watch!

  20. LedokolDX Avatar

    WOW! NINJA!!

    By the way, that’s a cool timer. What brand and model is that? I was looking for something exactly like this.

  21. animalluvr45 Avatar

    I love the real time workouts. Thank you!

  22. jfkkorky Avatar

    YES! Thank you so much for real time workout !! AMAZING AMAZING job you almost killed me today !

  23. LillaKarn Avatar

    Yes. I also love the real-time workouts, they have been positive for me as well!!! Please try to keep this going as long as possible!! Thank you so very much.

  24. arisu23c Avatar

    My little arms are burning! 🙂 Thank you Zu!

  25. Tedel2010 Avatar

    Nice workout clothes!

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