How I Lost Weight, Weight Loss/Healthy Living, Before & Afters – “How To Lose Weight”

I had to upload this video again. 40000 hits down the drain. Ah well. I hope you enjoy and remember ANYONE can do what I have done. NOTE: This is music made…






25 responses to “How I Lost Weight, Weight Loss/Healthy Living, Before & Afters – “How To Lose Weight””

  1. Crockerolg865 Avatar

    This video has good information, but I am not sure about the best diet plan that I should use, only because I have never taken any. Anybody tried the Proladox Diet Plan? I’ve heard many folks refer to amazing things about Proladox Diet Plan.

  2. Shary Sufi Avatar
    Shary Sufi

    omg, i cant help feeling amused seeing her eating so many fruits. well at least they’re not veggies. i love fruits better. wow 97% fruits?! hmm…

  3. Colthrone Avatar

    Very interesting video. Congrats on your transformation. I have a bunch of belly fat that has me unhappy. Will check out your site. God bless.

  4. Heycatchy Avatar

    Inspirational <3

  5. Hanna King Avatar
    Hanna King

    Hello, do as I did and take your life back again. With the tips on POUNDALE.COM you can lose weight very fast in a healthy way. Just check it out

  6. Fallon Fox Avatar
    Fallon Fox

    I’m 160 lbs now.
    I’m depressed too.
    But I wanna change and lose weight.
    I decided for certain that I am going to lose weight because I’m sick of this.

  7. kurt kibbe Avatar
    kurt kibbe

    You converted me Freelee, add me to the list. Currently on a 100 day juice fast to drop weight and detoxify my body. I started from your videos with 2 weeks on basically bananas and then started the Fast. Wish me luck and keep the videos coming. Between you and Harley I don’t believe i will have a problem. You guys are so encouraging and positive I just love you guys.

  8. luydmila todorova Avatar
    luydmila todorova

    Have you heard about Max Muscle Method? (check it out on google) It is a quick way for you to bulk up fast.

  9. billyfauna Avatar

    You need protein, carbohydrate, fat and water.

    Fruit and veges for micro nutrients. Vitamins and minerals.

    The problem is people eat too much out of the one type.

    Too much sugar, too much red meat, too much animal fat.

    Guys think the need to eat tons of protein when PROBABLY a big guy should eat NO more than 200 grams per day but of course it depends on your BMI.

  10. Mike Robinson Avatar
    Mike Robinson

    Start a real weight loss program on POUNDALE.COM Do as I did

  11. Youtubified101 Avatar

    how long did this take?!?!

  12. morgonregnet Avatar

    The thing is with this, everyone has different bodies and blood types. This worked and works good FOR HER but if a friend of mine ate like she is doing, she would loose so much weight that she would be gone. Depending on your blood type, you need different things. Some needs more veggies, other needs more protein. I myself am a vegeterian but because of my history with anorexia b/p subtype I get forced to eat meat and eggs now and then because otherwise I loose to much weight

  13. deadiswhatweaimmfor Avatar

    SO are you saying if I eat fruits, veggies and salads… I can eat as much of them as I want and still lose weight? I’m 30 lbs over weight 🙁

  14. Brianna Lynn Avatar
    Brianna Lynn

    Great lifestyle ! But I would add more veggies..

  15. Pablo V Avatar
    Pablo V

    Love your transformation!

  16. bofaf1 Avatar

    I use to ride a bicycle up to 20 miles a day back when I was a kid and stayed skinny regardless of how much I ate. I’m sure you couldn’t eat that much sugary fruit and be that skinny without alot of exercise. You have inspired me to get out the bicycle once again. The vitamins and minerals you get from raw fruits and vegetables are definitely good for you. There are some fruits and veggies that are more nutritious if cooked such as tomatos, carrots, and apples. Cooking releases the nutrients.

  17. koradda Avatar

    Even color of your eyes is more fresh like the ocean.

  18. Ahmad Alysia Avatar
    Ahmad Alysia

    How long did it take you to lose the 40 pounds after starting the Low Fat Vegan Life Style?

  19. HeyItsFor20 Avatar

    you used to be ugly as fuck. i would hit now tho

  20. 9mler Avatar

    That’s wildly dangerous advice. Eating more high-sugar fruits does NOT ‘reverse diabetic conditIOns.’

  21. ShedWeightNaturally Avatar

    well done!

  22. John Rockefeller Avatar
    John Rockefeller

    i know that some cute fat chicks…..can make some of the Hottest skinny people on the planet……she is an example of this.

  23. Cosmic Rock Avatar
    Cosmic Rock

    you look so healthy after you went on the mostly fruitarian diet…but there are so many different philosophies out there.. also, I read that Ashton Kutcher was hospitalized due to problems with his pancreas after trying a fruitarian diet in preparation for playing Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic.

  24. WildfireStreet Avatar

    I think in most cases eating more fruit and veggies reverses diabetic conditions. The sugar in fruit is the best sugar for us and it burns much slower than other processed forms.

  25. WildfireStreet Avatar

    Do you follow Dr. David Jubb at all? I’ve followed as much of his work as possible, but I am still not convinced about not eating meat. The oldest living people on Earth still eat some meat, the scientific fact is that over eating and under eating cut down longevity. “If you can eat 10 bowls of rice only eat 7.” – Okinawa teaching(the oldest living people on earth)

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