How To Lose Weight Fast For more information about the HCG and products click the link below. even though I did not use the hcg diet to achieve this goal its s…
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  1. Robert Swanson Avatar
    Robert Swanson

    @l544jkl I can’t agree with you! The best way to lose weight is to do 5 or 6 small meals a day besides there are many to enjoy all foods and lose weight at the same time in a totally healthy way, a doctor told me that!
    Actually the link to his method is on my profile’s description, I followed his full method and lost tooooo much weight! I’m happy now 🙂

  2. burnthisweight Avatar

    Great video. There is also a free ebook from

    burnthisweight. com/ebook/free/ that could help out


  3. 10lholt Avatar

    Wow!You look great! I find really hard to drink alot water. Do you know what i can do to force myself to drink alot everyday?

  4. juan villatoro Avatar
    juan villatoro

    she went to the basics lol its completely true bodybuilders do the same you’ll be surprised , you are what you eat .. forget the diet just eat healthy reach your goal then workout , stick to the basics

  5. Megan Brodsky Avatar
    Megan Brodsky

    Skipping Meals —> Body in starvation Mode —> Over-eating in the Next Meal —>WEIGHT GAIN!!!! I read that on a book, the link to the download is in my profile. Actually this simple tip of don’t skip meals made me lose some pounds, actually is better to have 5 small meals than just 3

  6. Megan Brodsky Avatar
    Megan Brodsky

    Is good you are sharing this tips with everyone, I know how hard can be to be in overweight, I lost too much weight with a pretty cool method, I can’t post the link here but if you go to my profile you can see the link on my profile’s description
    Now I’m looking for a good routine of exercise 🙂

  7. Megan Brodsky Avatar
    Megan Brodsky

    skipping meals the body enters in starvation mode then you over eatin the next meal and then you GAIN WEIGHT!!!
    I read that on a pdf, the link to the download is on my profile.
    I was doing that, so good I found that info.

  8. Burgettolh693 Avatar

    Anyone tried the Proladox Diet Plan? I’ve heard many amazing things about it and my sister lost a lot of weight with it.

  9. An Hà Bình Avatar
    An Hà Bình

    I’ve just found this on the net and it has a lots of useful info for those want to lose weight. This is great information and it really work.Believe me, I’ve tried it.

  10. Jimmybo25 Avatar

    cant believe jewtube put this video between prayer videos

  11. Singh Mahendra Avatar
    Singh Mahendra

    My coworkers laughed when I told them I would burn calories with Slim Body Maximizer, but then I showed them the results. Go google Slim Body Maximizer to see their reaction.

  12. Markous Key Avatar
    Markous Key

    yeh its true your loosing weight while you eating

  13. Kathleen Dunker Avatar
    Kathleen Dunker

    God, I wish I could accomplish this.

  14. andhsva Avatar

    Google “William Banting” and you will realise that it is the carbohydrates and sugar intake that is most likely your problem – and eating too little of natural fat. It may sound strange, but as long as you maintain metabolic disorder and eat too much carbs too often you will not burn fat. Starving, like this girl did is not good, which her kidney values definitive will show. How do I know? because her body used muscle masses as fuel also. See it clearly above.

  15. Natália Nercessian Avatar
    Natália Nercessian

    Hey guys! I’ve achieved GREAT results with this new method! Type this into your web browser (bit.lyYsXSMY) and see it for yourself!

  16. andhsva Avatar

    You don’t have to cut alcohol. Cut away alcohol with sugar/carbohydrates. And keep to wite wine and only alcohol straight. Keep away from beer at all cost! That is liquid bread – tons of carbohydrates. Raises bloodsugar and insulin. And insulin is a hormone telling your body to burn glucose and store all fat instead. You want to be more healthy, self regulate body fat and slim – eat less carbs like 10%, 20% protein and 70% natural fat. Look up LCHF and trust me on this one.

  17. andhsva Avatar

    Because you probably eat too much carbohydrates. Your blood sugar is too high and maintained. In order to keep that down, your body release high amounts of insulin. That is a hormone which tells your liver and cells in body to stop burning fat as fuel. The trick is to eat 20-50grams carbohydrates a day, and much more natural fat. Get body into ketosis and start using fat as fuel instead of storing it. Stay way from bread, rice, potatoes, corn etc. This is Low Carb High Fat diet and healthy.

  18. gabriel perumal Avatar
    gabriel perumal

    any other tips darling
    i need help

  19. andhsva Avatar

    So.. basicaly what you have done is to starve your body. I see clearly that you lost fat, but also muscle mass. That is known as the meatball syndrome or weightwatchers syndrome.

    Eat less and more often and specific maintain fuel by intake of high carbohydrate through bread, pasta, and starches is a great way to end up with diabetes type 2 even if slim. To get through how serious I am.. 1985 there was 30 million with diabetes in the world. Today there are almost 300 million.

  20. issy93bella58 Avatar

    I know..because if you just lose weight and not exercise you’ll be flabby and you’re not flabby. Your body is really nice. So you did do some cardio there. 🙂

  21. PimpTheThird Avatar

    Your cute

  22. lilmanstube Avatar

    Get your free ebook on burning that weight off. Burnthisweight. com/ebook/free/

  23. TouchOfVanessaNess Avatar

    this is when I found out its 85 percet diet and 15 percent work out. what you put into your body shows up more on your body.

  24. issy93bella58 Avatar

    How can you Only cut out alcohol, drank lots of water and eat more but less and get those results WITHOUT exercising.!!???!

  25. Someboode Avatar

    Wow you are very sexy 😉 lol

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