How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy – One Year Later

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24 responses to “How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy – One Year Later”

  1. 12villegas12 Avatar

    wow still with the long hair and tilting your head

  2. sounchoy11 Avatar

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  3. arrow290 Avatar

    i seen your vid in late 08 and i lost 101lb the next year. thank you i was 250lb and i went down to 149lb :) you helped me on my dream bro. Your vid show healthy chose’s, thank you again.

  4. jonojms Avatar

    Works fine for me

  5. jonojms Avatar

    Works fine for me

  6. M89ZY Avatar

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  7. JamesBlack1506 Avatar

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  8. gettinghops Avatar

    @sumfight I am trying to lose weight and ii want to know if, after you lost all that weight did you have loose skin

  9. reiniervanbergen Avatar

    wow ur face is HOT

  10. BeckerBlair Avatar

    @hightohope897 lol, the good about it is that we are now having a good feeling about ourselves again, since I found out about the diet plans I do it immediately just be patience and do as they suggested it really works…If I’m not mistaken it’s WeightLossAction.Info check if I’m correct.

  11. adrianaea1 Avatar

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  12. Tupoc4181 Avatar

    I urge you to stop suggesting diet over regular soda. Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners that are highly toxic chemicals. However, getting people up and moving is terrific. Awesome motivating sumfight.

  13. eliteweightlossFAST Avatar

    Brilliant video!

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  14. mariana98wow Avatar

    @mrrandomguy98: Ikrr

  15. khadka20 Avatar

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  16. muhudu Avatar

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  17. alexmerc256 Avatar

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  18. ALTeCLaNss Avatar

    Tested and proven.

  19. greattuto Avatar

    good hair 🙂

  20. MyLifeIsUnperfect Avatar

    It’s not hard to lose weight.. look at the vids on my channel… I lost 13 pounds in 3weeks.. You just have to know what you are doing.. You will have to just stick in there and be dedicated.. no excuses!!!’

  21. pttugasuk Avatar

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  22. midj4ever Avatar

    it’s good ,

  23. ZOMBIEMAN21897 Avatar

    im stealing ur hair :/

  24. sunany2k Avatar

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