How to lose weight: matcha green tea Higher in anti-oxidants than noni. gji or acai, matcha is a superfood that naturally supports: normal blood pressure, normal energy, no…







4 responses to “How to lose weight: matcha green tea”

  1. Cody Tran Avatar
    Cody Tran

    This is a very good video of matcha making! Thanks for posting! 😀

  2. James Whittle Avatar
    James Whittle

    Hi there. It can be expensive, but that is because it is grown on small farms in Japan and in some cases is processed by hand. PLus it is USDA organic which costs the farmers money for certification. Thanks for the comment.

  3. nialler190188 Avatar

    I love it but its soooooo expensive . . like €20 for a small tub!!

  4. Friederike42 Avatar

    Well, then I just eat my used green tea bag- yum!

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