Lose Weight Fast in 2 Weeks, REALLY FAST !!

I used this method to lose weight fast in 2 weeks *its works well for women and very easy to implement : www.30daysthin.net Make the decision, then do something, no matter how small, toward accomplishing what you want. If I can do it, yes! you can do it too
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25 responses to “Lose Weight Fast in 2 Weeks, REALLY FAST !!”

  1. Michelle Taylor Avatar
    Michelle Taylor

    you can do it too 🙂 read my video description to know the method I’ve used, good luck!

  2. titianahs Avatar

    Omg howd yu do it u have a nice body nw seriously

  3. chezh84 Avatar

    How did you lose that much weight so quick? As i am looking to lose alot of weight x

  4. raquel brooks Avatar
    raquel brooks

    I’m so desperate for that summer body, i’m at 245 pounds and honestly seeing this it looks so promising. and with summer being 7 months away, I feel like it’s possible for me to lose all of this weight now.

  5. JenniferLawrence212 Avatar

    Hi michelle, I think your video is the most inspirational for me to lose weight fast … you know, I’ve been trying so hard to lose weight and nothing works like this! I’ve reached my weight loss goal now, exactly I lost 33.7 pounds in less than 2 months, yaaay!! but you’re right about one thing, “Make the decision, then do something” all will be useless if we do not try!!

  6. Michelle Taylor Avatar
    Michelle Taylor


  7. Michelle Taylor Avatar
    Michelle Taylor

    I think you’re right

  8. Gordon Wilson Avatar
    Gordon Wilson

    I need lose weight about 20 pounds, I must try it

  9. 1Crakkerz Avatar

    my aunt use this method too, she said, she lost 4-6 pounds a week

  10. james Lass Avatar
    james Lass


  11. rajesh kapoor Avatar
    rajesh kapoor

    This footage is extremely admirable..Great job!

  12. Lison Carmette Avatar
    Lison Carmette

    This program is worth the money..Must try! thank you very much!

  13. Rickie Dsouza Avatar
    Rickie Dsouza

    Great video! Keep up the good job!

  14. Hasan Kagalwala Avatar
    Hasan Kagalwala

    Two months ago, my weight was 208 lbs. I felt devastated, tired and had no energy. Now I have lost 30 lbs. I feel great with a lot of energy. I am so grateful to my friend that introduced me to this program. ..

  15. stefen persie Avatar
    stefen persie

    This looks very promising, my friend has tried this and he lost about 5-6 pounds every week..This program is quite unique and different when compared to conventional weight loss programs!!

  16. Kirsten H Avatar
    Kirsten H

    Wow! you look gorgeous by the way, I have been using this product too, at my first week, I lost 5 pounds :))

  17. Lison Carmette Avatar
    Lison Carmette

    Another fabulous video! Love the way you motivate people to loose weight and live a healthier and beautiful lifestyle..!

  18. George Muller Avatar
    George Muller

    In order to lose weight it has been for 10 years and I have tried lots of different methods, however they all didn’t work.I thought of giving up! However, I can’t imagine one package can help me to lose 10 pounds in just 2 weeks..I am now feeling a lot younger than before and never dreamed of having the perfect body shape like now…:-))

  19. tasneemmk52 Avatar

    At 27 I was 260 pounds and hated looking at myself in the mirror. After a few weeks my friend recommended me this wonderful program,at first i couldnt believe me and thought it was fake.. Nonetheless i gave it an attempt and was astonished to see results coming so quickly.. I shrugged of nearly 18 pounds a month and after 6 months i weighed 164 pounds. Its a remarkable achievement!

  20. Jones Mcarthy Avatar
    Jones Mcarthy

    Hi.. I have been undergoing this loseweight fast program since 3 months and I am very proud its professionalism. In just two months, I have lost 32 pounds. Now I am very happy. I feel much more healthier and with more energy each day…

  21. Eleanor Hardy Avatar
    Eleanor Hardy

    I think i’m going to try this system, as i need to loose a bit of weight.You help me out soo well..Thanks!


    Omg you’re so honest! And this video is incredible!! Really the best one about your body and its transformations..!

  23. rajesh kapoor Avatar
    rajesh kapoor

    This is awesome! it transformed the way I feel for the better! My family is so proud of me!:P

  24. freddie pattinson Avatar
    freddie pattinson

    Just saying i have been doing this for 4 straight weeks everyday and following these methods strictly and i have lost 10 pounds of belly fat. This is the best ive seen..!

  25. Jonas Schneider Avatar
    Jonas Schneider

    Great video.! You look great in this..I too wanna try it out!

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