[Lose Weight Faster] Ignite The Afterburn Effect – 15 min HIIT Workout #LLTV

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24 responses to “[Lose Weight Faster] Ignite The Afterburn Effect – 15 min HIIT Workout #LLTV”

  1. welfas kuru Avatar
    welfas kuru

    They laughed when I told them I was going to shed pounds with the Skinnimaker Diet, but then I showed them the results. Do a search on google for the Skinnimaker Diet to see their reaction.

  2. MrJangamkiran Avatar

    Have you seen “Fat Blast Formula”? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way for you to shed fat fast.

  3. MrAchil6 Avatar

    Im going to atempt this exersice every day 3 circuits
    Thanks brad

  4. Brad Gouthro Avatar
    Brad Gouthro

    go to my Live Lean Afterburn site to learn more –> liveleanafterburn[dot]com

  5. Maxime Arambulo Avatar
    Maxime Arambulo

    i still donot understand how to activate the after burn effect and what it does! please help i really want to start doing this workout!

  6. Kay SParro Avatar
    Kay SParro

    So helpful and effective! Screw the treadmill

  7. Brad Gouthro Avatar
    Brad Gouthro

    i like to do this style of workout on my off weight lifting days. So every 3’rd day or so. Check my channel for other workouts like this to keep it fresh.

  8. Alejandro Deleon Avatar
    Alejandro Deleon

    nice video man. ¿How many times a week should a make these workout?

  9. Brad Gouthro Avatar
    Brad Gouthro

    keep eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water to get rid of the fat. the afterburn can last up to 48 hours.

  10. NibbyNibb Avatar

    Hi, Brad I am a 14 years old, and I am an active guy. I just did this workout and it was pretty easy for me. I have 4 pack abs, but I can’t seem to get rid of the fat in the lower area. Do you have any tips for me?? Also I was wondering how long does the afterburn last, and how much calories are going to be burned through this workout, and Since Track is coming up soon, I was wondering how I can get the explosive speed, and agility. Thanks!!

  11. Brad Gouthro Avatar
    Brad Gouthro

    keep doing what you’re doing with your physical activity. Try to focus the majority of your eating on whole foods…healthy foods that are natural and come from the earth…not packaged products like granola bars and cereal. And be sure to drink lots of water.

  12. youngNreckless1904 Avatar

    Hey, Im a 16 year old girl, i play sports competitively 2 times a week and work outs for around 2-3 between games, im just looking to gain a flat stomach and tone a lil but not bulk on too much muscle, i am already quite muscular for a girl but still got that dumb baby fat that just wont go! Any another tips inbox me or reply to comment!

  13. Mario Luigi Avatar
    Mario Luigi

    how long do yu think ill have to do this to get abs … im skinny but istill have a little layer of fat

  14. aslam khan Avatar
    aslam khan

    It would be a shame if you did not burn fat when these other normal people do it easily using Fat Blast Factor (Google it).

  15. Waltdisney Walton Avatar
    Waltdisney Walton

    whoa look at those abs 1,2,3,4,5,6 !!!!!!!

  16. Vinicius Moraes Avatar
    Vinicius Moraes

    I really want to start it, but I’m 1,79 meters and 80kg… It’s too hard to me, do u have a piece of advice to me ? I really appreciate ur job !!

  17. Brad Gouthro Avatar
    Brad Gouthro

    yes you can do a workout before/after if you still have the energy. this ladder is 4 meters

  18. Anton Avstreih Avatar
    Anton Avstreih

    Hi Brad, great workout! I got two questions: Can I do a bodyweight muscle workout right befor/after this workout to gain muscle(push ups and such…)? And whats the legth of the lader?

  19. elisayshello1 Avatar

    just finish did!I feel great,adding this workout as my morning workout after running/walking.

  20. elisayshello1 Avatar

    try beginners.the more you do it,the more you’ll be able to do everything.I started the easy onces

  21. kashu ali Avatar
    kashu ali

    Hey there, have you seen Zippy Fat Loss? (Google it) You will learn about the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With Zippy Fat Loss, you will discover how to burn calories quickly.

  22. John Mcnary Avatar
    John Mcnary

    thanks Brad, Hopefully i go well

  23. Brad Gouthro Avatar
    Brad Gouthro

    Hey John, go to my workout video playlist on YouTube..tonnes of HIIT workout videos to ignite the afterburn effect

  24. John Mcnary Avatar
    John Mcnary

    HI Brad, I’m a 13 year old boy. I’m quite fit but I have a bit of fat hanging around the edges. I have heard of the afterburn affect and i was wondering if you have any other exercises i could to do get rid of the extra flab. Thanks alot

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