Lose Weight Now!! Reach Your Optimum level of Wellness!

www.empoweryourbody.com Check out another show from the EYB Vault.. Reach Your Optimum level of Wellness with Empower Your Body and the 5 steps to empowerment!!
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www.amazingbodynow.com Eat these 5 cheap and healthy foods to lose weight, drop body fat and gain energy fast.






34 responses to “Lose Weight Now!! Reach Your Optimum level of Wellness!”

  1. cheapsunglasses0maya Avatar

    i couldn’t agree more. i love her!

  2. Tohanitto Avatar

    great as usual… and very promising 🙂

    Get excited.. because you’re about to change you life… Thank you Alycia and team 🙂

  3. EmpowerYourBody Avatar

    Thank you all for such great comments!! more videos coming soon, be well Alycia

  4. ColdTearSP Avatar

    you really know what you are talking about… I am glad that I found your videos.

  5. YTPV Avatar

    Thank you

  6. janicejulzmarie Avatar

    thank you……

  7. rox2much Avatar

    i love how she makes you feel so motivated. lol just watching this video makes me want to go eat a carrot right now.

  8. teckim Avatar

    she’s beutiful!

  9. PARTYzaNOVAC Avatar

    Great video, It helped.
    I have a problem with the second component.
    Here’s how…before about half a year I was a fat, and I started working out hard, had a great nutrition (not diet) and I shaped my body perfectly, I had well defined 6 pack abs and I kept them about 4 months.
    I still have them but before about 1 month I suddenly started losing my motivation and ruining my nutrition.
    How could I get my motivation back and make a decision to start over with normal nutrition?

  10. 009lexi Avatar

    Eggs are the chicken’s period.

  11. redsbleeding2003 Avatar

    great video enjoy your enthusiasm but most of the food is mostly breakfast..im a big boy 6’1, 270 lbs. i ned to drop 50LBs, so i need some help with more food options that can get fuel my day but can help loose the fat.

  12. FamilyGuyBlast Avatar

    hey, I just uploaded weight expert talking about over weight on fox, you check it out here /watch?v=9QpzdK7wdYY
    P.S. nice video here 😉

  13. donalyn00 Avatar

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  14. HOW2lose37LBSin37DAY Avatar

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  15. wilsoncyrus850 Avatar

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  16. UnbutuTM Avatar

    Stacking nuts everywhere is a little nuts.

  17. piercinglover93 Avatar

    haha i have nut allergies 

  18. kimmimorrow Avatar

    @utubeluva01 FRUIT!
    I hateeeee oatmeal. But when I add fruit to it, it really helps the taste. 🙂

  19. bestkeptsecretxD Avatar

    I love this woman she’s so happy and energised and willing for everyone to do well. I love the ‘cheap’ tips cos I’m a student and know fine well how expensive protein is. Eggs and veg omelette for my lunch 🙂

  20. normanjustin1 Avatar

    Hi! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about Kinovelax Diet Plan (search on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you tried Kinovelax Diet Plan? I have heard many incredible things about it and my friend lost tons of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me 🙁

  21. xAnnaaMarieex Avatar

    Im allergic to eggs & nuts. damn. D:

  22. likadooa Avatar

    @utubeluva01 agavesyrup or just maple syrup.. these are a natural, sweet and they have a low glycemic index.

  23. Jem4u90 Avatar

    @utubeluva01 if you like bananas you can try it i love it with oat meal

  24. JessaKyLeireEQ2 Avatar

    Beans, Eggs AND Vegetables? Yeah.. You’ll be sky writing if you eat all that together.

  25. imamanc4life Avatar

    very bangable but bit annoying

  26. sheliescold Avatar

    maybe it’s just the area i live in, but nuts are expensive here 🙁

  27. diaika34 Avatar

    Thank you!

  28. Sreeja1820 Avatar

    @utubeluva01 I add frozen mixed vegies to chicken stock. bring them to boil add quick cooking oats, s & p. I consume it like soup, granola bars instead of simple plain oats.

  29. kabitarani00 Avatar

    I’ve noticed this new meal plan regime referred to as DietOramy (search on google) – my sis said she started utilizing this and already reduced handful of lbs, without feeling famished or even fatigued at all… what do you think, has anyone used it yet?

  30. RuthlessHoki Avatar

    I’ve got nuts wanna suck on them

  31. parkerkids3girls Avatar

    @utubeluva01 I put honey in mine with cinnamon, vanilla extract, raisins or any fruit. Walla!! yummy!!

  32. strategery101 Avatar

    @utubeluva01 Add about a pound of brown sugar. Just kidding. Try dried fruit like raisins or dates.

  33. strategery101 Avatar

    God you’re gorgeous. 

  34. breezekitten03 Avatar

    Is it really a good idea to start the day with beans?

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