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25 responses to “(More) Before and After Weight Loss Photos | Onna’s Little Blog”

  1. WeightLossDietss Avatar

    Hey i just watched your amazing video thank you for this. Please can you check out my channel and tell me your opinion? Thanks

  2. Lucy Norton Avatar
    Lucy Norton

    I love the contrast of how sad/happy you are… thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. falak fatima Avatar
    falak fatima

    you are damn bful… 🙂 if adele got thinner shed be you 🙂 you both look soooooooooo similar

  4. charlene lockhart Avatar
    charlene lockhart

    well done you look stunning, i am in the process of loosing weight and am on week 9 feel free to pop by and watch mine too xx

  5. Fai Louise Avatar
    Fai Louise

    Well done! You look incredible. You also look a shit load happier in the after photos. Keep up the good work, amazing!

  6. sherie taylor Avatar
    sherie taylor

    You look so happy in the after photos! you look stunning! Great motivation, well done you! xx

  7. Viva Glam Avatar
    Viva Glam

    You look amazing!!

  8. FatToGlam Avatar

    I honest to god thought you were megan fox when I first saw this video, your stunning and you’ve done so well 🙂

  9. shnazit Avatar

    Wuts tha song called?? u look great btw

  10. Onna B Avatar
    Onna B

    thank you! I love your videos by the way 🙂 x

  11. girllik3chloee Avatar

    Oh god I look like the before photos 🙁 how long did it take you to lose the weight Onna? x

  12. ghostparties Avatar

    Good for you, you look incredible!

  13. bluehearts201 Avatar

    it’s clear you worked hard on your weight loss. thanks for sharing your pics with us.

  14. thegaper1 Avatar

    Not only do you look healthier now, but happier! Good for you girlie.

  15. Nisreen Behiry Avatar
    Nisreen Behiry

    I see that you are beautiful in both Before & After, inside & outside as well..
    so happy for your new shape… thanks for you..

  16. Carly Rowena Avatar
    Carly Rowena

    Awesome, video, bloody love you i do! xx

  17. Infern0121 Avatar

    You have got one of the best accents I have ever heard, congrats on the weight loss.

  18. featherflyaway Avatar

    Thank you, I did to then I didn’t even think about it and just DID it, then it became habit! Congrats to you as well you are beautiful!!!!!

  19. Bella Feiertag Avatar
    Bella Feiertag

    You are so gorgeous both then and now, but you look amazing now! Congrats (:

  20. strangepilgrimsss Avatar

    you look great with dark hair!!

  21. itslaurenella Avatar

    You’ve done amazingly, but also you are IDENTICAL to Megan Fox in the intro! xo

  22. Sarah Beal Avatar
    Sarah Beal

    Hiya 🙂 Know youve probably answered this a BILLION times before but approx. how long did it take for you to get to the weight you are now? Cheers my dear x

  23. Amanda Florid Avatar
    Amanda Florid

    You looked like Adele in a couple of the pictures (:

  24. katiefawcettxo Avatar

    Loved this video! It’s amazing how weight can alter a person, you literally look like a different person. I lost a large amount of weight and don’t recognise myself in old photos. This has definitely spurred me on to reach my goal, thank you xo

  25. delelenoreable Avatar

    You remind me of adele in the before pictures. BUT in a good way!!

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