New Sexy Summer Workout -bodilicious grooves to get you in shape now!!

Work your body using swing in your shoulders, the curve of your hips, the dip in your spine to make your body divine!! NEW BODILIIOUS routine by TiffanyRotheWorkouts
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25 responses to “New Sexy Summer Workout -bodilicious grooves to get you in shape now!!”

  1. agnieszkasonia Avatar

    Tiffany, I’ve just joined you on fb, but I can’t find those shedules. Could you give me the link to this? Many thanks in advance! 🙂

  2. melou1980 Avatar

    What’s the song playing? PLatiK Funk-Let me see your hands???

  3. flower9366 Avatar

    @TiffanyRotheWorkouts ThankYou So Much But the thing is i cant join i am only 15…:(

  4. TiffanyRotheWorkouts Avatar

    @mrsbomenka that is right, working out is more mental, than physical.

  5. TiffanyRotheWorkouts Avatar

    @songbirdgirl101 this is the pefect time to get back in shape and feel like you again!

  6. TiffanyRotheWorkouts Avatar

    @88KristaLeigh I have a schedule you can follow, join me on fb

  7. TiffanyRotheWorkouts Avatar

    @ilsexy yr welcome

  8. TiffanyRotheWorkouts Avatar

    @megangirl66 It does not matter what others think, it matters what you think, keep your mind filled with healthy thoughts, your plate filled with healthy food and you body moving to my workout grooves :). If you really want some serious advice on how to lose this weight forever, join my INNER CIRCLE.

  9. TiffanyRotheWorkouts Avatar

    @MrBoomyourdone thank you!

  10. TiffanyRotheWorkouts Avatar

    @RandyH2014 of course you will lose weight and feel great :)

  11. TiffanyRotheWorkouts Avatar

    @BklynBabe Thank you! my goal is to help people get in the best shape of their lives all over the world, that is why I posted them 🙂

  12. TiffanyRotheWorkouts Avatar

    @bossofmyown glad you like them, I have new videos available on my website tiffanyrotheworkouts check them out.

  13. flower9366 Avatar

    @TiffanyRotheWorkouts How Do you follow it ?

  14. TiffanyRotheWorkouts Avatar

    @XoMillaCXo Take your time, just make sure you do them almost everyday. Each workout will be a little easier. I am in your corner, stay with me girl!

  15. TiffanyRotheWorkouts Avatar

    @flower9366 If you really want specific coaching you should join my INNER CIRCLE, look up my website for more info. YOu can definietly lose the weight 🙂

  16. flower9366 Avatar

    Does this workk ?

  17. flower9366 Avatar

    Can you help me i am 5 foot and i weigh 7 and a half stones…i am fat from my belly and arms and thighs.which workout should i do,, for how long ?

  18. XoMillaCXo Avatar

    started doing your work outs last week and I’ve lost a pound or two already. It’s taking some time to get use to them, still taking breaks in the middles of the works outs but i do feel great! You’re so motivating! I’m going to join your inner circle soon also! Thanks for making me realize that I can work out and enjoy it too!

  19. bossofmyown Avatar

    I am so happy I discovered your videos! it’s the best thing to do at home 🙂 thank you! please don’t stop making videos!

  20. BklynBabe Avatar

    Well as a Black woman I’m happy to see another Black woman front and center promoting fitness! Tiffany, you rock! Keep doing you and helping all of us with our fitness. I’m sure you did not need to post free videos on YouTube, so I am very grateful that you did.

  21. RandyH2014 Avatar

    i think i lose weigh .! well,some

  22. MrBoomyourdone Avatar

    i loved this, i just found it and you as well…. wonderful…

  23. megangirl66 Avatar

    Nice workout I must say! I’m going to start working out to your videos so I can finally get that sexy summer body I’ve always wanted. I’m so ready not to give a shit what others think of me and as well as not giving a shit about what I wear because soon enough, I’ll be the size I’ve always wanted to be. Thank you for this workout and the other workout vids I’m about to check out now! 😀

  24. ilsexy Avatar

    thank u!!! great work out

  25. 88KristaLeigh Avatar

    This video was awesome. I Didnt realise How much I was really working out until after words. I love it. Im gonna do it often. 

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