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SHOP.life-regenerator.com Fat Free Salad Dressing Recipe * Raw Food Diet * * Tomato Orange Dill Raw Salad Dressing * * I ngredients * — 2-3 Heirloom Tomatoes, roughly chopped — A handful of Cherry Tomatoes — Juice from 3 Oranges — Fresh Dill to taste (or dried) — Experiment on your own with adding things like cilantro, basil, sea salt, garlic, hot peppers, onions, etc… * P reparation * — 1) Blend everything together in your Vita-Mix, or another high-powered blender of your choice BLEND.life-regenerator.com — 2) Enjoy! * You Like? …then Please Subscribe! * — Please click the ‘Subscribe’ button, so I can keep on keeping on… with helping *you* to keep on keeping on!! PEACE, DAN =) . http . .
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24 responses to “Raw Food Recipes * Low Fat Salad Dressing Recipes * Raw Food Weight Loss”

  1. robertmarc1 Avatar

    loved you video dude. you gave me a lot of ideas. Your great

  2. FreemanOftheMind Avatar

    Brilliant mate cheers!

  3. Acerbusss Avatar

    What is that juice squeezer called?

  4. TylerTolmanTT Avatar

    I am being serious! Excellent content and quality video…

  5. benjorgensen1 Avatar

    @praisehymn247 hey, i know its been a long time since you posted this but i thought i would share my favorite french dressing recipe-if you haven’t already found one, but this ones probably different anyhow-

    walnut french dressing

    1.5 cups walnuts
    3-4 T olive oil
    1 clove garlic
    (try cumin)
    dash coconut vinegar
    1T stone ground mustard
    1 spoon nutritional yeast
    dash soy sauce
    honey to taste
    lemon juice to taste
    half a red bell pepper
    fresh ground mix pepper corns

  6. itsLaurenLee Avatar

    Also, tangerine juice is also awesome with tomato as a dressing! Just tried it and loved it.

  7. Weebigballs Avatar

    i love the way you said Basil xD
    im from england so we say Basil differently 😀

  8. zholyrebel Avatar

    i gotta try this

  9. Rootsta Avatar

    HEMP OIL LOL Im gonna end up gettin high and healthy

  10. 1easyflow Avatar

    Love your videos..Very Inspring. Is there anyway that you can up the volume of your voice?

  11. 1easyflow Avatar

    Love your videos.. Very Inspring..thank you for sharing! Is there anyway that you can up the volume of your voice?

    Thanks 🙂

  12. robertv131313 Avatar

    If your intereted i have good recipes. Every Recipe is Completely Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free (except fruit), Digestion-Friendly, Allergy-Friendly and Low Glycemic with Meat, Poultry, Fish meals and Tree-Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan and Vegetarian Options for most recipes. All this for 27$. Go on my website Thank you ! 
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  13. eamonchamp Avatar

    this looks awesome. im going to make it today!

  14. liferegenerator Avatar

    @praisehymn247 Don’t combat disease! CULTIVATE HEALTH!!! Big difference…

  15. praisehymn247 Avatar

    I’m going raw, but love French and Thousand Island Dressing! Because of disease in my body, I have to eliminate salt and dairy from my diet. Tomatoes, Yum! Orange Juice?…o.k., but together? Hum, I’ll try it because at least your recipie doesn’t have vinegar. Yuck! So, thanks for giving me another option! Wish me luck.

  16. praisehymn247 Avatar

    Well, it just so happens that I’ve been a vegetarian for many years yet the doctors say I have contracted a degenerative disease. So, I’m going raw to combat it and couldn’t find any dressing that I like. French, and Thousand Island were my favorites, but now I must eliminate dairy, and salt from my diet. Tomatoes and Orange juice? Separately, yum! Together? Well, I’m going to try it. Thanks for giving me another option. Wish me luck!

  17. stangcrazygirl Avatar

    I am about to start the Raw Food Diet and eating healthier and hopefully lose some weight. 🙂 I am going to try your recipe also. Thank you!

    Wish me luck. 😉

  18. natesmom2244 Avatar

    kale is the one thing i just don’t like.. even my guinea pigs don’t like it lol

  19. liferegenerator Avatar

    @pinkchanelgirl5 nope, no meat! 😀

  20. liferegenerator Avatar

    @matiin54 This was one of my first vids, before I knew any better! All my newer videos are hopefully loud enough for you! I only have/use a flip cam and there is no volume setting on it, so I just try to speak as loud as I can…can you dig it? 😀

  21. matiin54 Avatar

    i love your videos, one advise, sort ur audio out. its really not loud enough =/ peace be with you…

  22. pinkchanelgirl5 Avatar

    btw do u eat meat?

  23. pinkchanelgirl5 Avatar

    yeah true!!!

  24. LauraBeachnut Avatar

    I know this is suppose to be helpful and serious and well, good for me, but umm has anyone noticed that
    THIS GUY IS SOOOO HOT… look at that skin.. yummy!

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