Salad Recipes For Weight Loss: Steering Wheel Salad Eating healthy on the road doesn’t have to mean drive thru and takeout! There are numerous healthy salad and sala…






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  1. RealRawResults Avatar

    I definitely could if I wanted to, but I’ve found time and time again that I don’t do well at all with eating salt. It just makes me feel dehydrated, sluggish, and give me muscle cramps.

    I’ll maybe have a bit a few times per year if I’m at a raw food restaurant and have a meal, but other than that I leave the salt shaker on the shelf! 🙂

  2. dilka0 Avatar

    Can you use salt?

  3. RealRawResults Avatar

    Woodstock Fruit Festival 2013, BE THERE!

  4. pedallin raw Avatar
    pedallin raw

    You were up in the middle of the night caning back durian fruit? What kind of festival is this for fruits sake?…..(I hope to be there next year vandall) :p 😀

  5. fvnslifestyle Avatar

    I can dig it…. peace 🙂

  6. RealRawResults Avatar

    It’s rent-free!!! 🙂 

  7. rawfoodnerd Avatar

    Love your vids and thanks for the durian advise via 30bad. Being 811 is can be as difficult or easy peasy as you want, but ultimately it’s what you make of it. I personally have never struggled with being raw, sometimes I get in 811 food ruts but then I just come up with something new and tasty that makes me super excited to eat this way again! Only thing that I get cravings for now is durian and mamey sapote! Wouldn’t consider them disastrous cravings though…

  8. fvnslifestyle Avatar

    Were you camping out in the car? … Peace 🙂

  9. RealRawResults Avatar

    Plane Jane tonight. Just the cukes, tomato, avo. What you can do is smash up the tomatos/avos in the bowl with the greens by mushing it with a utensil or your hands to make a really nice blender-free salad dressing.

  10. RealRawResults Avatar

    Air quality in NYC definitely as well as during the entire fruit festival I was up in the middle of the night smashing durian every night and not getting enough sleep. You stress out your body long enough, eventually it resists! Cause:Effect. I know better, but sometimes I don’t always do better. I’m human too! 😉

  11. Corky Stanton Avatar
    Corky Stanton

    What dressing did you use?

  12. Pamela Schmidlin Avatar
    Pamela Schmidlin

    If you come to Long Island tell me….feel free to stop by!!

  13. LadySilverWolfe Avatar

    Have an awesome time in the big apple, Chris!!! 🙂

  14. ottaRAW Avatar

    you sound congested, do you have a cold?

  15. Debbie Driver Avatar
    Debbie Driver

    doh! cant believe I never thought of this!!! I will leave bowl in car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for tip Xx

  16. eddes Avatar

    baby eater 😮

  17. BlackZapote Avatar

    Aww I miss living in NYC (brooklyn). There was a natural foods store a block from my apt and then next to that a little market that always had fresh veggies and fruits! Not so much were I’m living now 🙁

  18. Crystal Bravo Avatar
    Crystal Bravo

    That was really cute and awesome! ^-^

  19. TheHail1234 Avatar

    Cucumber, tomato, and avocado. Classic.

  20. SokSkichTok Avatar

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