Sexy raw foods: the awakening of human potential – Karyn Calabrese, Chicago IL

Karyn Calabrese declares “she is not special”. Yet it is undeniable, she has a special gift. She has learned to listen to the knowledge innate within herself…





24 responses to “Sexy raw foods: the awakening of human potential – Karyn Calabrese, Chicago IL”

  1. Damainefy Avatar

    Great interview! 🙂 Love you two! <3

  2. Julie Mayer Avatar
    Julie Mayer

    am I right or do she kinda imply that Oprah has so much money that she has glutton tendancies…..and as much as I find this makes total sense… I just wonder how much vanity is going into this

  3. Jennifer Wickwire Avatar
    Jennifer Wickwire

    I love this lady and all that she is such a good example and inspiration of. I am becoming a better person because of what I hear from her. Hugs

  4. dcdweerawardhana Avatar

    Have you heard about Fat Blast Furnace? (Google it) It is a quick way for you to melt fat fast.

  5. Diana Paez Avatar
    Diana Paez

    I love this lady! Awesome interview. Thanks so much. So inspiring. You’ve covered everything anyone needs to know about the Raw Healthy Vegan lifestyle 🙂

  6. IAmSuperPerfect Avatar

    Not all stevia’s are created equal. But also, you need to allow them to grow on you. Stevia is not only a sweetener, it also helps in alkalizing the body. Good luck to you!

  7. IAmSuperPerfect Avatar

    Steam veggies only! Cooked kills ALL nutrients!

  8. frankehanna Avatar

    Stevia? Horrible taste!

  9. frankehanna Avatar

    Make – up ;-).

  10. frankehanna Avatar

    Yes, you should try to do your own. Provamel and Alpro belond to Lake land, the scandal dairy company.

  11. frankehanna Avatar

    Soy makes you intolerant after a while. I’m a vegetarian since 12 years and can’t handle soy since a bit. Also I’m very cold, vatta, so cooked veggies are great for me especially in winter as I’m very cold. I can’t drink a liter of oat/ almond milk a day, warm, tea is fine but yes, warm is important!

  12. frankehanna Avatar

    I think it’s a lot about Ayurveda. I mean if you’re 100% Vatta and live in a cold country, gosh, this doesn’t make any sense.

  13. norejau Avatar

    My classmates laughed when I told them I would shed fat with Fat Blast Lifestyle, but then they saw the results. Google Fat Blast Lifestyle to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  14. porkyo123 Avatar

    Looks like she could use some animal products.

  15. bikerbenny Avatar

    : ) soak em !

  16. FullCircleMystic Avatar

    If I don’t get any other thing out of a diet like this, I will do it for the skin. LOOK at the skin on these women! That kind of skin is enough motivation for me.

  17. Sparklytank Avatar

    I keep hearing that only fermented soy is good for us at all-miso and tempeh, and even then I would check out where it comes from. I will say that there is definitely something to this kind of eating. Karyn’s hands are a giveaway–no swelling, arthritis, etc.!! Wow. This woman is a testament to good eating.

  18. Rawvegan Grandma Avatar
    Rawvegan Grandma

    what nuts am I supposed to be soaking? I am a raw vegan and I don’t soak any nuts. In fact, I very rarely eat nuts at all. I’m on the 80./10/10 diet, and my calonutrient ratio is more like 90/5/5.

  19. FickleFickell Avatar

    But glutton is bad for you too!

  20. JustDoItRaw Avatar

    yea pills aren’t the answer, quick fixes don’t fix the problem, but a healthy lifestyle does, like raw veganism.

  21. Hadiya Mathew Sewer Gibney Avatar
    Hadiya Mathew Sewer Gibney

    They both look stunning :0

  22. VanessaLovesCouture Avatar

    This video is so inspiring! Love it.

  23. Doubleshot98 Avatar

    Agree.. why are people drinking the milk from a animal full of hormones and mistreated. Cows forced to be always be pregnant and then their babies are taken from them and tourtured (veal). ALmond milk is healthier, safer, and an animal doesnt need to be abused.

  24. starharmonyable Avatar

    Thank You!

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