Shayloss Dieting Tips!

At my heaviest I used to weigh a little over 190lbs. Through diet and exercise I’m now down to around 165lbs. Here is one little tip I have for losing weight and still eating something that’s good. TEAM SHAYLOSS 4LYFE! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: And be sure to subscribe to my main channel!!!





24 responses to “Shayloss Dieting Tips!”

  1. HyperSugarKid Avatar

    That was a very american way to eat healthy 🙂

  2. dwermes Avatar

    @natalievegas at :42, that sandwhich looks like more bread and lettuce/spinach than meat. Anyone who’s ever eaten at a Subway knows how thin those cuts are.

  3. kevinbrueck2 Avatar

    @natalievegas Imposing your ideas is exactly what you’re doing. Tell ya what, you eat what you want and I’ll eat what I want.

  4. natalievegas Avatar

    Good job on your health goals but I wish you knew how bad meat is for you. I recently watched that documentary forks over knives and learned just how bad meat is for people. nor trying to impose my ideas on you but check it out

  5. tataeco1 Avatar

    yo.. had you ever been inspired by the Acuspeed 24 Diet (do a google search)? I keep hearing some amazing talk about it and my cousin got rid of lots of pounds trying it.

  6. Cherylyiyi Avatar

    I got food poisioning from subway : /

  7. FanfictionAffliction Avatar

    @irishgeal1 His point wasn’t that it’s a super healthy thing to eat, his point was that it’s just as much food with only half the bread, which is a good way to cut carbs if you’re going to eat at subway anyway.

  8. lsisoccer5 Avatar

    @KroNikxPkades that sucks

  9. lsisoccer5 Avatar

    i weighed 145 last september! now im 185!…oh weight wrong direction?

  10. KroNikxPkades Avatar

    My mum works at subway.

  11. kevinbrueck2 Avatar

    @irishgeal1 Well gee thanks Gillian Michaels. It might not be the “healthiest” meal on the planet but its a better alternative than McDonalds. I’m trying to get people to eat healthier. Not everyone on the planet can eat bluefin tuna wrapped in kale and organic eel farts or whatever the hell you think is healthier. Besides, I’m probably in better shape than you so why don’t suck on my Subway $5 footlong beyotch!

  12. irishgeal1 Avatar

    lmao, thats a killer diet tip, full of trans fats and aspartame, you really need to check out mike adams, the health ranger. before you bring down half the country with very bad health tips.

  13. 64Retro Avatar

    Kevin, what height are you at at 165lbs? Hard to judge someone’s weight when the height is not given. What are you, like 5’10” or something?

  14. kevinbrueck Avatar

    @vts101 Well, if you want to change your life its up to you. But you have to WANT to change. At the end of the day, especially at that kind of weight, it literally becomes a life and death issue. I hope you can get motivated and start losing some weight:)

  15. SpecialQue85 Avatar

    Never thought about doing the double meat 6 incher, thanks for the tip!

  16. Zarrell Avatar

    Skip the coke & chips and you might be on to something. 🙂

  17. aptand Avatar

    @kevinbrueck2 It looked alot like product placement the first 2 shots of this video, that’s why I thought so. I didn’t think of how “small” of a youtuber you are. I love your friday show tho, it deserves more views. Keep up the good work!

  18. kevinbrueck2 Avatar

    @aptand Hahaha, I wish! They totally should sponsor me. But something tells me they’d only bother paying youtubers who actually get views on their videos.

  19. aptand Avatar

    You got a banktransfer from Subway in the last few days

  20. kevinbrueck2 Avatar

    @iPaulTV Good for you dude! Keep at it:D

  21. iPaulTV Avatar

    i was 170 lbs a few months ago. now i’m at 155 lbs. my goal is 145

  22. soscot Avatar

    i’m sorry, too much proteins

  23. vts101 Avatar

    @kevinbrueck2 I’m officially ashamed to say that I am exactly double your weight. No joke double.

  24. vts101 Avatar

    Man I love subway. I always get 6 inch sweet onion chicken teriyaki double meat with lettuce tomato and onions. Man this is making me hungry.

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