Shih Tzu Skin Allergy, Eye Care & Diet

Do not feed your Shih Tzu foods with grains in them (ie. pizza crust, bread, wheat, oats, etc….). Here are some of the products that we use to keep our Shi…






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  1. MiDJujubeChanz Avatar

    Sorry for the very LATE reply!!!!! Thank you so much for the advice. I really appreciate it! 😀

  2. Jim Thomas Avatar
    Jim Thomas

    I’m sorry. I do not have any experience in breeding Shih Tzu’s. Just be patient and let nature take it’s course. Best wishes with your pregnancy !

  3. Norman Novera Avatar
    Norman Novera

    Hi there Sir, I have a female Shih Tzu and I am excited for her to be pregnant, according to the previous owner between December – February she should be in heat, but according to my Vet still no signs of my baby being ready. Is there any recommendations, like medications perhaps?

  4. Jim Thomas Avatar
    Jim Thomas

    You may have to get some steroid from your vet… be sure that the vet has checked the dog for a yeast infection… once the dog has a yeast infection, they will ALWAYS have it and the infection can only be MANAGED with regular medicated shampoos and strict meat diet.

  5. Jim Thomas Avatar
    Jim Thomas

    It may be something in your dogs environment like carpet or the type of shampoo. I now have our Shih Tzu on a totally meat diet of pork, beef and chicken that I cook med rare and store in little zip lock bags in the freezer. Then I add a oil supplement (from Walmart) to his food for his coat and grind up a single multi vitimine and sprinkle over a weeks worth of his food. Try and isolate the dog away from any fabric and maybe change bed material. Then try a different vet if no positive results.

  6. dxlga Avatar

    We have a Shih Tzu that suffer severe skin allergy we beleive We went on many occasion to to see the vet with no success… We tried cortisone and other ointment..She eat only allergy free food ..Any ideas to share… we are getting desperate..thanks

  7. dxlga Avatar

    Is there any cream that can be used for a severe skin rashes on a ShihTzu

  8. Jim Thomas Avatar
    Jim Thomas

    No, the yeast will not likely be entirely killed off by the cleaner and will eventually come back, but you should try and keep the dogs ears as clean and dry as you can (i sometimes use a hair dryer on LOW to help dry his ears extra good).. Someone once told me that a dogs ears can be cleaned with a little white vinegar with a couple drops of alcohol mixed into the vinegar., and the Ph of this mixture might disrupt the yeast as well. Best wishes and good luck !

  9. MiDJujubeChanz Avatar

    1 of my dogs has a really bad yeast infection in both of his ears. Do you think the pro sense ear cleaner you use in the video, could clear that all up?

  10. Bertha Torres Avatar
    Bertha Torres

    did not know about the Benadryl. Thanks for the info 🙂

  11. Jim Thomas Avatar
    Jim Thomas

    Thanks for the input. I had not heard about the chicken allergies. I’ll check the other Taste of the Wild with a fish base and try and exclude chicken from the next bag. Thanks again for posting !

  12. AK47iPhone Avatar

    I noticed that the taste of the wild food had chicken listed as an ingredient. I heard that shih tzu’s are quite prone to chicken allergies. Might be worth looking into? Great video!

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