Shoulder Blade Stretch for Brown fat – burn calories – Ichie Pancake Get Slimmer without exercising!

Please visit my blog at Shoulder Blade Stretch for Brown fat – Ichie Pancake Get Slimmer without exercising! We all have fat-burning fat aka brown fat in our body, however it often does not function well because of our life style. Good news is that we can activate it by easy methods, let’s activate it now and start burning more calories today! We can activate brown fat directly by stimulating it or activate it indirectly by stimulating the nervous systems. Some ways include swimming, taking hot and cool showers and stretching the shoulder blades. You could stimulate brown fat directly by stretching your shoulder blades. It would also help brown fat to activate smoother, burn more calories easier and better. Stretch for a few times a day or whenever you feel like you have not been moving for a while. First. Sit or stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart, and your arms straight down at your sides. Open both hands and move your arms slowly all the way up above your head and put your palms together. Then slowly lower your arms back down, if possible towards your back so that you feel your shoulder blades moving to the center of your back. Do this 5 times. Next. Sit or Stand up straight with your arms bent and elbows together in front of you. Slowly bend over to the front so your shoulder blades open. If you’re standing up, bend your knees a little too. Then keep your arms bent and open them out as you start slowly bending over
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24 responses to “Shoulder Blade Stretch for Brown fat – burn calories – Ichie Pancake Get Slimmer without exercising!”

  1. HipHopKing0341 Avatar

    Do u realy put ur Guitar there?!!

  2. carolina romero Avatar
    carolina romero

    i’m skinny everywhere else but last year i’ve noticed that my belly has gotten bigger, should i just do this workout or do abs workouts too?

  3. Mubashar Qadir Avatar
    Mubashar Qadir

    so this workout introduces the after burn effect?

  4. K1LLW1LL056 Avatar


  5. Alan Chuen Avatar
    Alan Chuen

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  6. lilcrackman Avatar

    assuming I got no belly fat, is this an appropriate excercise to work on your abs? I have no intention to lose weight, that’s why I’m asking.

  7. SpaceCadetNineDoors Avatar

    How many seconds did you do each of the exercises for?

  8. XcChamp95 Avatar

    With what kind of frequency should I do this for maximum fat Burning in a short period of time?

  9. Melek BEN GUERGA Avatar
    Melek BEN GUERGA

    Hello, have you tried “Musclegends” (just search Google)? There you will find a useful free video showing the right way to develop notable muscles really fast. It made it easier for Ryan to break through his body building plateau and then build up chiseled muscle mass free of fat super fast. Hopefully it helps you too…

  10. MetalK1LLs Avatar

    Hey I like the video but please spend $10 and pick up a tripod for that camera

  11. Bella Marie Avatar
    Bella Marie

    Me & My bestfriend are doing this every day from tomorrow til New Years . :3

  12. thenikz14 Avatar

    @bxmeyex sure is right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. And Do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill belly fat if you don’t know about them you must see this. you can watch out here ->

  13. rodrigod75 Avatar

    I did not need to see you puke.

  14. Kellyboo67 Avatar

    Hey(: Have anyone of you think that I should test out this new muscle gaining system? Or should I stay away from this? Just google it Explosive Muscle Method. Because my co-worker says it gets people ripped fast. Any response is appreciated!

  15. Skybone Zeb'nski Avatar
    Skybone Zeb’nski

    You should add in sit through reaches from Scott Sonnons Tacfit

  16. andrew miller Avatar
    andrew miller

    do you think is i transition every 1 min instead of ever 30sec it would take less to get it?

  17. bradscottfitness Avatar

    it really depends on your diet

  18. kellyreneebug Avatar

    From now to Christmas, if I do this everyday, how many pounds do you think I’ll lose? I need to find a way to lose weight before Christmas.

  19. fbouret Avatar

    I’m pretty thin just can’t see my abs.. can this help me have abs by the weekend?

  20. fbouret Avatar


  21. zeena923 Avatar

    Hey there, have you heard about “Belly Fat Blaze” (google it)? On their website you can watch a practical free video. It made it easier for Randy to get rid of his abdominal fat. Perhaps it will help you out too…

  22. mildredenzo Avatar

    Finally I got my P90x videos here –

  23. Stevan Petrov Avatar
    Stevan Petrov

    Have you experienced comment flagging so far?

  24. Ranjeet Patel Avatar
    Ranjeet Patel

    Have you experienced “MAD Ripped Muscle?” (Google it) It is a quick way for you to bulk up fast.

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