SIMPLE GREEN JUICE RECIPE! Healthy recipes for weight loss! * A DELICIOUS GREEN JUICE RECIPE FOR YOUR RADIANT HEALTH! You can do this! 😀 Love, Dan …
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23 responses to “SIMPLE GREEN JUICE RECIPE! Healthy recipes for weight loss!”

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    Sheilah Large

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  7. DannyLrides Avatar

    Dan the man!

  8. thrusty Avatar

    Hi Dan, I bought my 1st juicer a manual wheatgrass juicer, that produces more juice with more quality than the centrifugal ones. I really need to lose weight, I’ll search for smothies recepies to make on breakfast and green juices in between the main meals. Is it ok to drink almost a liter (35 ocz) in the breakfast of a smothie? I need to keep me going mentaly and without food cravings for at least 2 or 3 hours. Can you help me out? I’ll grow wheatgrass as soon as possible.

  9. Kristel An Pineda Avatar
    Kristel An Pineda

    Hi!! I like all your video. I have some question. I making a raw green juice for my husband everyday. But he still eating 1 meal a day with rice and meat. Is he can lose weight with that?

  10. Un4givScap3 Avatar

    Do you ever eat? Or did you just drink vegetable and fruit juices? i know this comment is a year old but im just wondering

  11. ChLoMiEsTeR Avatar

    thanks for sharing!! im 21, just trying to not get my mamas health… gotta start young i here so i just got a juicer and really the hardest thng is just figuring out how MUCH do i really need to eat to be healthy, and how to keep it at a variety. plus im breastfeeding my first baby, and ultimitely, createthe best eATing habbits that he can eat like oneday…

  12. weightlossdeni Avatar

    So like…I love you.

  13. Vill3tt32009 Avatar

    Any juice recipes for acne &/or for the treatment of even hair loss? not severe but its seems to be creepn up lately.

    million thanx and Keep up the outstanding work!
    Mother N Daughter, huge fans in NYC!

  14. Labildy Avatar

    I was looking for some green juice recipes and I am really happy to find you, I started to go raw 2 weeks ago…..I DEFINITELY share your way of thinking ,Nature provides us with all we need ………It enriches our body,mind and soul….THANKs!!!!! for sharing your knowledge.  Paz Profunda…….my friend

  15. Colette Colletti Avatar
    Colette Colletti

    Thanks for the video.

  16. quietstorm403 Avatar

    Yes it will keep just fine if you keep the juice COLD ! thats all there is to it ,  very simple ; )

  17. beaverbox Avatar

    hello dan
    just a quick question for ya
    i have just got my self a juicer and so that i don’t wake the hole family in the morning i just need to know if i make a juice at night 19:00 will it keep till the morning lets say 06:30 will it go off
    please let me know and keep up the good work fella

  18. liferegenerator Avatar

    I use organic cucumber and I do not peel them…

  19. heloise9 Avatar

    Definately subscribed – in the middle of watching the first video I found subscribed! Thanks for the info, and much love!

  20. liferegenerator Avatar

    Breville juice fountain elite! Did you subscribe?  I would really like it if you did….Peace

  21. heloise9 Avatar

    Perhaps you already discuss this on another video (I just discovered your channel tonight), but what type of juicer do you have? It seems so easy to use. I have a greenstar, and I have to force myself to use it everyday! Thanks, and I’m really happy I stumbled across your channel!

  22. Richard Williams Avatar
    Richard Williams

    You certainly are one cool dude, Dan!!

  23. boilersfan51 Avatar

    I have been watching your videos for several weeks now and I have to say….you are one of the VERY few raw foodists out there that doesn’t seem to have any agenda….you really seem to care about the health of people and aren’t trying to sell something….although, I believe you could really sell what you know verbally as in a book….at least you don’t have some cure all product that will change your life kind of thing……keep the videos coming, buddy….

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