Simple weight loss tips! (30lbs gone!)

Here are the tips: **No late night eating, or eat at least 3 hours before you go to bed. Anytime I give in and eat late, I stay up for another 3 hours **Drin…
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    Gihan Chathurika

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  2. Sandjua Darda Avatar
    Sandjua Darda

    sooo True about the praying it makes sense ! God want us to live longer so being healthy will also promote that healthy life style so we can life longer. YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME ON THAT PART

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    Kathryn Garrett

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  7. Richard Franklin Avatar
    Richard Franklin

    Just give up all the junk food altogether. Just regard cakes, desserts, candy as poison which is what they are basically.

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    UnikWing Kin Yip

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  10. aerybery Avatar

    Yes girl! Believe it and receive it!! 😀 I lost about 40 of my lbs between Jan and July, so it’s possible!!

  11. SuckmyCouture Avatar

    Thanks for the tips. I want to loose 60 pounds before my 18 birthday in July. But their is no rush. Just want to be more healthy and energized. I really lost all my engery i became very lazy. 100% I agree God is good. Without him we wouldn’t be here perseving are goals/dreams/achievements.

  12. EvanNancemm Avatar

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    Duy Nguyen

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    Nasima Akter

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    allen walker

    Thank you for giving us tips..

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    Jesus Gonzalez

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  18. aerybery Avatar

    Awesome tips hun! Gotta try! :D

  19. summers breeze Avatar
    summers breeze

    I like the water idea.. Just wanted to post an Idea for those that do not like to drink plain water.. peel a cucumber dice it and toss it in the blender add water I use 2 cucumbers peeled a full pitcher of water I use distilled water.. then blend it till it dissolves.. then I squeeze 2 limes into this mix and pour it into a pitcher then refrigerate it .. and drink it thru the day its so awesome !!! and refreshing !! Prayer is the best !!!! great video !

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    Thats good to know! 🙂

  22. aerybery Avatar

    Ur welcome hun!

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  24. tinkz smith Avatar
    tinkz smith


  25. aerybery Avatar

    Praise God!! Thank u!! 😀

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