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Despite wallowing in misery with a head cold, in this video I share the recipe for my “superfoods salad”. And no, it’s not swine flu!
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12 responses to “Specialist Supplements Ltd – premium supplier of health supplements in the UK”

  1. fatgirlslim2008 Avatar

    hi hon, try the health foods/organic foods aisle. Coles also stock chocolate coated goji berries, I don’t know if that defeats the purpose or at least encourages intake of amino acids and antioxidants with a chocolate fix!

  2. sabbynator Avatar

    In what section of coles do you get the Goji berries?
    I need to try your salad! Sounds like a great idea and thanks for sharing!

  3. fatgirlslim2008 Avatar

    I love Goji berries, I just get them from Coles supermarket. They’re so tasty, they’re a bit like sultanas but with a slightly more bitter taste. I toss them on cereal, into salads and into smoothies. The nutritional content of them is outstanding.

  4. libbywithnall Avatar

    Yum!!! I love a good salad for lunch. I haven’t tried goji berries but I’ll be picking some up next time I’m at the shops. Thanks for sharing.

  5. fatgirlslim2008 Avatar

    oh my goodness, my clothes are so loose and I feel so much better… I feel like I am gradually being freed from a prison and it’s wonderful to be breaking out!

  6. MelDiva Avatar

    you look so much better since your surgery. Wow what a difference. Keep it up…or is that down?

  7. jsdwellsnme Avatar

    it all looks so yummy thank you so much for sharing it with us. God bless you!

  8. MsScorpio67 Avatar

    Love the video. Very informative. I’m gonna make a grocery list from your video

  9. Marjie C Avatar
    Marjie C

    Seems I eat super foods everyday.
    Good looking salad.

  10. Mash0009 Avatar

    your really funny this is a great video it looks nice

  11. katiejuly Avatar


  12. Fierybutterflywings Avatar

    What a beautiful salad! I had VSG on February 25th, right after you. I will definitely be trying out this wonderful recipe. Thank you so much for sharing.

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