Sticking to your diet & Weight loss goals

Because you’ll never have enough time for anything unless you make it 🙂 Also please note that generally speaking I do not respond to diet questions through my Youtube inbox. I already have quite a few videos and I’m pretty confident that I have already answered that question somewhere 🙂 Most the questions I get are really too general, theres no secrets to weight loss. You eat well, exercise, drink water and get your 6 -8 hours of sleep.
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21 responses to “Sticking to your diet & Weight loss goals”

  1. MszJackieChu Avatar

    It was my old roomies, its by Hamilton Beach! It was a GREAT steamer, I think ill buy one myself 😀

  2. duckyjacksalot Avatar

    what steamer do u use? :)- thanks,tori xx

  3. Deathgod1628 Avatar

    Jackie your vieos are inspirational. please do more. <3

  4. 1224Hockeygirl Avatar

    how do you know all of this…..YOUR A GENIUS

  5. valkyrieox Avatar

    I feel inspired by you, really.

  6. roseberrytwix Avatar

    Jackie you are soooo beautiful! I wish i had an elder sister like you 🙂
    Well I actually have failed my diet plans an infinite number of times but after watching your videos, i’ve decided to stick to a healthy eating and life routine – and ACTUALLY BE BOTHERED to cook healthy meals for myself :D!

    LOVE you and your videos ! <3

  7. SkinnyGirl125 Avatar

    How do you cook the chicken do you grill it? Do you use flat pan or a george forman grill?

  8. SkinnyGirl125 Avatar

    Is that oil and oster sauce or water?

  9. TheJasSing Avatar

    You’re so preettyyy!
    And you have really good advice too 🙂

  10. livelaughlove1681 Avatar

    Also, looking at your videos I do eat bigger portion but I eat similar stuff. If i eat how much you eat I would get so hungry and probably binge later at night.

    Normally I eat oatmeal for breakfast. Sandwich, salad, or wrap for lunch with a piece of fruit. Snack on greek yogurt and fruit. then for dinner I eat stir fry meat and veggies (usually no carbs). Then I eat a fruit late at night.

  11. livelaughlove1681 Avatar

    I work out 5x a week and I would say medium to high intensity (hip hop, spin, step, body conditioning)..and I don’t take shortcuts. I also eat pretty healthily (lots of fruit, veggies, and protein) and don’t eat that much junk food or carbs. However, I am overweight and I don’t know why. Maybe because my portion size is too big (I eat around 1500-1800 calories)? Maybe i have low metabolism? What do you think?

  12. LittleCheerfulY Avatar

    Hey, i’m a really big fan of all your videos, especially your healthy food kind of ones. 😀
    And i really wish i could always eat as healthy as this, but actually i’m trying to gain weight. And it’s really hard, because i try to eat a lot of carbs, nuts and healthy sugar from fruits, but i can’t really gain weight by only doing this! I mean, i wanna be healthy, so i avoid fastfood ect, but on the other hand i really do wanna gain weight. 🙂 is there any food that i can eat?

  13. valkyrieox Avatar

    I wanted to ask the same thing. Where did you get your plastic containers (especially the ones for on-the-go meals) ? 🙂

  14. PBPraline Avatar

    I know this is weird to ask but, where did you get those containers? Those are like the perfect size and look like they hold up well.

  15. nalan075 Avatar

    Hello there, have you tried “Belly Fat TorchMax” (just google it)? On their website you can watch a helpful free video. This made it possible for Kyle to burn his stomach fat. It might help you too…

  16. sinnerWHOCARES Avatar

    This is so helpful, thank you!

  17. nflmaniac12 Avatar

    u rock

  18. omfgnothingsworking Avatar

    i never knew how to properly store lettuce, it always goes bad before i can use it all (mainly because i’m too lazy to cut it up everytime for a salad, great idea to premake meals)

  19. FreeHacks8 Avatar

    Try using [secret707diet. com] to get a diet and workout plan for your genetics.
    You will lose weight quicker and more efficiently.

  20. Tash Rw Avatar
    Tash Rw

    I’m not trying to bash. Shouldn’t you tie up your hair? 

  21. hung mg Avatar
    hung mg

    r u chinese? lol

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