Super Bodybuilding Foods That Build Muscle Fast

Bodybuilding Foods That Build Muscle Fast. For more info watch my free muscle building tips presentation at: ================== About Vince Del Monte ================== Meet “Vince Del Monte,” the only Fitness Guru who has been coined The Skinny Guy Savior. He earned this name by dedicating his life to transforming the lives of the skinny, scrawny wimpy guys & skinny girls — helping them become healthier, fitter and more confident in their bodies. He loves sharing his top bodybuilding foods and fast bodybuilding meals. In the end his students transform themselves to “Live better, Look better & Know better!” Vince has transformed thousands of lives of the skinny, scrawny, wimpy individual with a perfect mix of encouragement, humor, no BS, inspiration and fun with his popular best selling “No-Nonsense Muscle Building” system which teaches guys how to build muscle fast. Vince has the most popular “skinny to muscular” transformation stories in the world. He was the poster boy of the “I can’t gain weight or get the girl” story. Vince became known as “Skinny Vinny.” He was 140-150 pounds at 6 feet tall. The nickname didn’t die; it stuck with him all through college. He tried everything to build muscle any way he could, never reaching past 149 lbs., dripping wet. He went through the battles to gain like no other. As a former competitive long distance runner, Vince used running to survive the embarrassment and insecurity he suffered from being too






24 responses to “Super Bodybuilding Foods That Build Muscle Fast”

  1. RandomDrumNoob Avatar

    To everyone saying you can’t build muscle without steroids, how the fuck do you think people used to build muscle before steroids were widely available on the black market? That’s right, they trained hard, with good old fashioned gravity and good old fashioned natural dieting. So learn what you’re talking about before you go hating on a good video.

  2. amateurreviewer Avatar

    Ive seen his ebook priced differently on different sites. why is that?? but by far the cheapest one, the one that I bought and used (with AWESOME results) is out there. msg me if you’re interested

  3. chamadzaim Avatar

    Hiyaaaa! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (do a google search)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got detailed Six pack abs and lost a truck load of of belly fat with it.

  4. JohnsSellingStore Avatar

    Vince= Nope

  5. BelgradeWinner Avatar

    Great helty food and tips!
    i m intersted what Vince think about Honey?

  6. CEQUEUE Avatar

    Vinny D!! The Italian Stallion!! GOod Vid Bro!! 

    Is it better to get broccoli raw like that, or in the frozen section??

  7. lifeisallalboutbalan Avatar

    They are not deleting your old eps:) Can you make a video about ACTA they are voting soon.I dont want youtube, twitter, anomonynus, streaming to be finished.You can vote on avaaz?It takes 3-4 minutes.I DONT WANT THE INTERNET AND YOUR VIDEOS BEING FINISHED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. goatkiller68 Avatar

    does anyone know any good non stimulant based preworkouts?

  9. blackfoxmp5 Avatar

    @pdpdrummer22 You should work on fixing your grammar if you’re going to write a rant. Anyway, I do not hate Vince nor his program; I have no reason to. I merely stated that building muscle fast is, for the most part, bullshit. Vince’s program works for novices in terms of building lean muscle rapidly, but not for more experienced lifters.

  10. travisolsonfitness Avatar

    @blackfoxmp5 and contrary to your claims no can make gains without steroids fast proves you know NOTHING about muscle building and only surround yourself with narrow -minded group of people that never expand their knowledge and wisdom and research and then test it out.

  11. pdpdrummer22 Avatar

    hey vince i recently discovered a new product called Humapro and Jungle warfare extreme i recommend you check it out great video btw

  12. mecobr Avatar

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  13. lifeisgood070 Avatar

    ooooo i got to comment again… if you’re going to eat peanut butter…. go with “CRAZY RICHARDS!!”
    only ingredient? …. peanuts….. no salt, no sugar, no other oils…. sure you have to stir it because there are no hydrogenated oils to keep everything together…. But…

    Seriously… best peanut butter I’ve ever tried. Love the crunchy.

  14. lifeisgood070 Avatar

    Ur back to real tips for free. Love it. Thanks man! They all seem to work real well. Ur looking big too.

  15. rampagetapout Avatar

    awesome vid man

  16. phtodd01 Avatar

    camera filming another camera /pimp

  17. jrpg0630 Avatar

    0:49 is that a boner?

  18. ScreamingPuppetBoy Avatar

    Hey vince I’ve been working out for a while but I find nomatter how much weight I use to workout even with perfect form I never feel a burn or pain the next day??? why is this? I’m about 150 with 12% body fat??? any help to improve my muscle gain would be much appreciated.

  19. 95TurboSol Avatar

    Who the heck thumbs downed this? Retards..

  20. VinceDelMonte Avatar

    @whyjustinbiebersucks The 21 Day program is for building muscle without much fat gain. If you want to lose fat, seek a program designed for that alone.

  21. VinceDelMonte Avatar

    @PatrickA4555 That is acceptable. Rotate your sources.

  22. whyjustinbiebersucks Avatar

    Im at 19% body fat. I want to get to around 15%? would the 21 day anabolic effect program work for me? Thanks in advance

  23. skitzer86 Avatar

    hey vince thought I’d give you a pointer. I’m a 3rd year medical student, just finished a cardiology rotation with a great cardiologist in Colorado Springs. Based on evidence-based guidelines, he recommends to his patients 1500-2000mg of EPA+DHA in fish oil per day. You might want to considering mentioning this next time you talk about fish oil, that way your followers can have a better idea of what to look for when they shop for it. I always appreciate your great videos, thanks!!

  24. BigBadOzBoyMark Avatar

    @blackfoxmp5 I agree about your gains diminishing over time. I’ve trained for 21 yrs and I’m a qualified personal trainer but what I have observed most often from guys who have trouble gaining muscular weight is that don’t eat enough because they’re terrified of adding a little extra bodyfat, they never do any compound ecercises and rarely take their sets to failure.

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