Superfoods – Banana Weight loss coach Matthew Armstrong shares number 9 of his top 10 superfoods. The Banana.

1) What are Superfoods? ➜ 2) Why are they important. ➜ 3) Some strategies to use them to enjoy vital health for you and your family. ✣ Nutritionist ✣ Natur…
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6 responses to “Superfoods – Banana”

  1. AscendedVitality Avatar

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  2. dbloodline Avatar

    All *Alive Foods* are superfoods to me… Another Great Video. Keep up the good work.

  3. Brian Robbins Avatar
    Brian Robbins

    Well said Dalkoiya. I Subscribed and look forward to more of your videos. Peace ~


  4. szymborski11 Avatar

    Orange County area.

  5. AscendedVitality Avatar

    Thank you Michael.
    Wonderful to hear how ‘tuned in’ you are.
    Where are you located?
    I am appreciating your sharing and participation greatly!

  6. szymborski11 Avatar

    Yes Yes Yes, eating from a place of feeling rather than logic. 🙂 Tuning into the food as vibration. And glad you mentioned that about eggs, and actually i myself have been consuming eggs from high quality loving sources, and consider them a great superfood, i feel they provide me with the nourishment to help keep the physique I enjoy. Thanks for the response.

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