The 3 Week Diet System – How to Lose Weight Fast Successful Testimonials: “You don’t know me but my name is Elisa and I bought the 3 week diet one month ago. Since havin…
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49 responses to “The 3 Week Diet System – How to Lose Weight Fast”

  1. HowToLoseFatFastNow Avatar

    It’s a normal whey protein based shake combined with some added sugar-free syrups, heavy cream, nut butter or artificial sweeteners for added variation.

  2. cilla pay Avatar
    cilla pay

    What kind of protein shake is it? just a normal protein shake? or a weight loss protien shake? was confused cause it doesn’t really say, i wanted to start this but dont know what type of protein shake i should be looking for?! 🙂 if you could help, thanks.

  3. HowToLoseFatFastNow Avatar

    Click the link in the description for the 3 week diet order page.

  4. jumgals Avatar

    where can i order here? i am so interested with can’t be seen here in the videos right away? or it really need to order in the site..

  5. HowToLoseFatFastNow Avatar

    The book comes in convenient PDF format so that wouldn’t be a problem. I guess that the Nook tablet support PDF.

  6. clinton okoroji Avatar
    clinton okoroji

    i would like to know if i can get the book on a Nook Tablet? i usually use the Nook and i think that would be easier for me to read the book
    Thank you.

  7. HowToLoseFatFastNow Avatar

    Yeah, you will continue to lose weight following a high protein diet, mixed with quality vegetables, essential fatty acids and good water intake. You also have to stay away from bread, sweets (sugar, syrup, candy, cakes, cookies, etc) and starchy foods (pasta, rice, potatoes) as much as possible. These carbohydrate-rich foods (not fat) are the biggest culprits in packing fat back on to our bodies.

  8. tahina1237 Avatar

    will u lose more weight if ur carry on those 21 days please answer

  9. HowToLoseFatFastNow Avatar

    Thanks for your kind word. It will work if you stick to the diet plan.

  10. Jacquelyn Teo Avatar
    Jacquelyn Teo

    thx for the great video!! u r making me so confident to ur 3 weeks diet system….i m going to try this~ hope it works~

  11. Nattajan Itom Avatar
    Nattajan Itom

    I lose 10lbs in a week, It’s easy and it works

  12. robert crawford Avatar
    robert crawford

    Love going to gym, just could never drop weight! I really hope this thing works. I plan on getting this. Thx a bunch

  13. sohan1251 Avatar

    i am SO glad i came across this cuz i used to be FAT and now i have a beach body 😉 THANK YOU

  14. HowToLoseFatFastNow Avatar

    Glad to hear that!!. You will definitely lose weight with this three week diet system. Good luck!

  15. m1992seishun Avatar

    i lost 4kg in 2 months by jogging 15 min in 3 days per week. that’s not so good rite. so i’m going to try this method and see the result.

  16. HowToLoseFatFastNow Avatar

    Thanks and good luck.

  17. MrTheDietSolution Avatar

    Amazing System to Lose Weight I Wanna Try It ASAP!

  18. HowToLoseFatFastNow Avatar

    Well thanks for the great tip..

  19. HowToLoseFatFastNow Avatar

    I’m sorry, but there is no option to do that. You have to follow the link to get it.

  20. iPodOnTheGo Avatar

    Can you buy the book on the Android Market ?

  21. burnthefat1000 Avatar

    Healthy eating tip 6: Enjoy healthy fats & avoid unhealthy fats
    Good sources of healthy fat are needed to nourish your brain heart and cells as well as your hair skin and nails. Foods rich in certain omega-3 fats called EPA and DHA

    are particularly important and can reduce cardiovascular disease improve your mood and help prevent dementia.

  22. blackmamabeans Avatar

    Im checking out your other videos, nice job! 

  23. HowToLoseFatFastNow Avatar

    you’re welcome 🙂

  24. Byron Craig Avatar
    Byron Craig

    wow amazing thanks for this one

  25. Thuan Nguyen Duc Avatar
    Thuan Nguyen Duc

    This videos got a pretty interesting subject. Two thumbs up!

  26. payitforward07 Avatar

    Good advice.

  27. chaali soufine Avatar
    chaali soufine

    My family laughed when I told them I would burn off fat with Lean Body Blaster, but then they saw the results. Go and google Lean Body Blaster to see their reaction.

  28. An Hà Bình Avatar
    An Hà Bình

    I’ve just found this on the net and it has a lots of useful info for those want to lose weight. This is great information and it really work.Believe me, I’ve tried it.

  29. Sarah Andrews Avatar
    Sarah Andrews

    Any haters, she’s not fat at all. No wonder males and females have eating disorders. Make sure you exercise, but eat healthily. Being healthy is the most important thing.

  30. ozaxian Avatar

    If you seriously want to build muscle, you should do a Google search “Max Muscle Extend”. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  31. Marijana Marjanovic Avatar
    Marijana Marjanovic

    Hey YouTubers, have you discovered Atomic Fat Loss? (look it up on google) You will learn about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With Atomic Fat Loss, you will discover how to lose fat fast.

  32. bobby higgs Avatar
    bobby higgs

    This was really great ! You should be proud of yourself hun! Happy life to you dear 😀

  33. Rianna Robertson Avatar
    Rianna Robertson

    per day

  34. Hermeverus Avatar

    ur fat

  35. Hanna King Avatar
    Hanna King

    Stop wasting your time and do as I did: Start losing weight for real now at POUNDALE.COM

  36. Taylor Gillespie Avatar
    Taylor Gillespie

    why is your left eyebrow smaller than your right haha

  37. Lauren Morrow Avatar
    Lauren Morrow

    thank you this helped alot i subscribed

  38. Maddy Friend Avatar
    Maddy Friend

    1500 per WEEK ?

  39. Emma Baughman Avatar
    Emma Baughman

    you are very pretty!!!! 🙂

  40. Gabriele Perminaite Avatar
    Gabriele Perminaite

    how long it took for you to lose 20 pounds???

  41. vtorju Avatar

    Can You please make a video on how to lose weight in 2013?

  42. xNaomilovesbeauty Avatar

    You should download that app called myfitnespall, you can type in your food and how much of it and then it calculates the calories and keep up a diary.

  43. MelBelle4250 Avatar

    im 19 now and a junior in college..and still the same weight after i lost those 10 lbs

  44. MelBelle4250 Avatar

    i started cutting calories when i was about 14, i was on the cheerleading squad for the year my school had it, and i drank 5-10 bottles of water a day. that year i lost 10 lbs, its not alot for all that i did, but it takes more than a week and a half to lose the weight. you have to eat clean, workout everyday, and drink LOTS of water and soon youll lose the weight. search Zuzana Light on youtube and do her workouts and youll get amazing results!!

  45. Mike Robinson Avatar
    Mike Robinson

    Start losing weight now with te tips on POUNDALE.COM It worked perfectly for me so check it out

  46. Joniah Wilbee Avatar
    Joniah Wilbee

    Also, you’re no supposed to deprive yourself of sugar- you SHOULD be having one small treat per day! The healthy amount of calories for an average height between the ages of 13-25 (varies) is 1200-1800 calories of HEALTHY food. If you have 1200 calories of processed foods, you’re still going to gain weight.

  47. Joniah Wilbee Avatar
    Joniah Wilbee

    Physical activity, high protein and water intake, low fat, no artificial sweeteners, low sugar, and no carbs is probably the best and easiest… Counting calories takes time and planning. Last month, I lost 12 lbs from this and am still losing.

  48. myaxi0ng Avatar

    She’s 5’4 and went from 140 to 120 pounds. Read the description darling.

  49. boo12751 Avatar

    I would say that’s an obsessive mindset…

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