The REAL Reason I Diet & Train

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3 responses to “The REAL Reason I Diet & Train”

  1. Bradley Aidan Johnson Avatar
    Bradley Aidan Johnson

    I totally agree. I look forward to seeing your transformation vid

  2. SundayMorningRunner Avatar

    Transformation. So cheers for a great 2013, mate. An as the saying goes: “Mens sana in corpore sano”.

  3. SundayMorningRunner Avatar

    In my case (i weighted 150 kg on 2012 an got down to 100 at the end of it. But i still got to get down to around 85 or so) i’m an artist. So i wanted to get a deep connection with my body, to feel the flow of my art within myself (something that couldn’t be done when i weighted 150 kilos). It’s all about to “feel better” with yourself, being more confident as a reason to start seeing some muscle, getting more tight clothes, etc. At the end of this year i’m hoping to make a video showing you my –

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