Top 10 Bulking Foods For Mass Gain This time of year I get a lot of people asking what foods are best for bulking up because a lot of teens are …
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25 responses to “Top 10 Bulking Foods For Mass Gain”

  1. aeric661 Avatar

    y wear a hat and not a shirt

  2. Charles McKinney Avatar
    Charles McKinney

    Hello everyone. Nice movie. My bro was formerly a fatty. He went from 285 lbs of pure fat into 202 lbs of complete lean muscle mass. That shit was ridiculous! I just subscribed personally as I’m wanting to get big muscles. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

  3. 1436iloveu Avatar

    i would love to watch ur videos, but the part where you scream into the pillow is really annoying to me. its like your trying to act or something. no one really does that at least i dont think so. lolol

  4. cavemannnnnnnn Avatar

    no one is bald and proud, be realistic I hope they will come up with some cure so nobody needs to be bald I feel sorry for them
    PS im not bald

  5. Toree Williams Avatar
    Toree Williams

    What’s up with the hats?

  6. zerochico13 Avatar

    why are you shirtless?

  7. Danny Bleuse Avatar
    Danny Bleuse

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  8. GladiatorShield Avatar

    red meat,grains,bread,milk, peanut butter,starch

  9. thetank971 Avatar

    @OsbaldoRodriguez -.-

  10. Jake La Motta Avatar
    Jake La Motta

    I didn’t say you couldn’t enjoy yourself. There’s obviously a difference between eating a cookie everyday and ‘eating whatever the fuck you want’.

  11. CRUCIAL420xx Avatar

    check my supplement channel, anabolics,androgenics, and pro hormones! plus more! subsccribe and inbox for great samples!

  12. Jaume Haddad Sanz Avatar
    Jaume Haddad Sanz

    You just have too be in the caloric sur plus too gain muscle is all. You dont have too eat like a fat swine too gain muscle. That will make you fat and eventually youll be working your ass off getting dry again. Me, I got a real fast metabolism So I can pretty much eat lots ‘n lots and hardly gain fat. (Lucky Me) But I know alllot of other guys who only have too look at food and they get fat. Its all genes you gotta role with the shit you got.

  13. Bandyglen Avatar

    I do eat atleast one cookie every day, and I do get results. You should try it, work hard and eat whatever the f*ck you want. If you wanna loose weight then yes you might wanna skip out on that greasy ass chicken but if you are in good shape just working out to build some muscle, man just eat, don’t sit there counting calories.

  14. muneeb hussain Avatar
    muneeb hussain

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  15. Brian Heil Avatar
    Brian Heil

    bist du deutsch orda? und ja alas ist klar ^_^

  16. newy219 Avatar

    this guy looks like an idiot.

  17. Spaardammer777 Avatar

    Faggot builder.

  18. Osbaldo Rodriguez Avatar
    Osbaldo Rodriguez

    I’m overweight, my question is. Do I need lose weight to get ripped?

  19. Goran Spasic Avatar
    Goran Spasic


    Have you ever tried Aston Muscle Ripper?
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  20. 99megajo Avatar

    You are one funny person

  21. tony berrisford Avatar
    tony berrisford

    lose the hats mate ,be bald and proud

  22. Dennis Stonejaw Avatar
    Dennis Stonejaw

    hit a rake up your crack

  23. DillsChannel Avatar

    Id say bout 20 of it was muscle and 10 was fat, i then worked off the fat and was so proud of the way i had transformed my body, What he said about only getting fat is NOT true, but it is essentially based in the fact that YOU WILL get fatter, but also a lot stronger. getting fatter is part of bulking, if you actually are BULKING,  but what he also said is totally true, YOU CAN LOSE FAT AND GET STRONG AT THE SAME TIME, it just takes longer
    Scooby1961 is def. a credible source tho!
    good vid

  24. DillsChannel Avatar

    most of this is true i was honestly 160, 5/160, wrestled 152’s in highschool, lifted HARD all the time, never got bigger ever, I DID get stronger though, so after highschool, i was 160, with a little fat, and good strength for my size, but i was still tiny, so i completely switched my lifestyle, lifted super hard, ate a shit ton, took gainer, ate whatever the fuck i wanted as long as it had LOTS of protein, (also cycled creatine) and after about 4 months i gained about 30 pounds, and was STRONG

  25. sumit shrestha Avatar
    sumit shrestha

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